Programs that can be viewed as a list of the number of letters

WordPress can figure out the number of letters you write with an editor, but it’s hard to figure out the total number of letters in your post because you have to edit it after you write and release it.

From the SEO perspective, it’s good to write more than a certain number of letters, so some people find and supplement the lack of letters, but it takes a lot of time to edit and read the letters of posts, so I’d like to introduce you to a program that you can see at a glance.

The introductory program uses a paid version of the site SEO measurement tool by default to use a variety of features, but character counting is free of charge.

Even if you don’t have to sign up and authenticate to the site, you can download it as long as you enter your email address, so those who are burdened with signing up can download and use it comfortably.

If there is one thing that is unfortunate, it may be difficult to use the program because it does not support Korean language, so it is not translated like a site. And even the number of letters on the post isn’t the exact number.

However, it is not difficult to identify the lack of letters by looking at the entire list, because the numbers show that the letter length is insufficient.

1. Number of letters in SEO post

In terms of SEO, you’ve probably heard a lot about having a lot of letters on your posts. I think so too, so I’m trying to contain as much information as I can, and I’m trying to make up for it if I didn’t know it at the time of writing.

However, if you look at the columns of foreign SEO organizations, you can see that long-length posts are not necessarily good.  The rationale is that the algorithm for looking at the text fragment and finding the most matching answer was updated in 2020.

But if you look at the requirements for WordPress SEO plug-in posts, you conclude that it’s the best word count, and Yoast says it’s ideal for 1,000 words, and search engine journals are ideal for 1,900 words.

The Rank Math plug-in I’m using tells me to write at least 600 words. SEO is composed of complex elements, so which is not the answer, but it is better to write a certain length because experts say it is better to write a certain length from various SEO plug-ins.

If you want to know more about this, what is the ideal number of letters for 2020 SEO on the Tabtimize site at the top of Google Search? Please refer to the article.

2. Program Key Features

number of letters

The program that I introduce is Rank Tracker, and if you translate it into Korean, it is a ranking tracker. If you can see the key features of a keyword, you can find free keyword ideas, SERP feature analyzer, local SEO tools, keyword location tracking, test saw and mobile ranking, analysis search data, etc.

What I liked about this program was that I could see the total number of characters in the post and the backlink score. I also liked the fact that there are some functions that can be used only when I switch to paid, but the essential functions can be used free of charge.

3. Download Programs

number of letters

Once you enter the Link-Assistant site, you will be able to see the screen above. Enter your name and email address here on the page where you download the Rank Tracker program and click the Download Rank Tracker button to download the program.

number of letters

If you download and install the program and run it, the screen above will appear. Enter your own site address here and click Finish at the bottom to use the program.

number of letters

When you enter a site and run a program, the screen appears, where you enter Site Structure > Page on the left, and you can analyze the site’s posts and see how many Word Count characters are displayed on the right.

When you click on the Word Count part, you can change the way you sort, so you can see posts with fewer characters first.

As I said above, we don’t know the exact number of characters because Hangul is not supported. However, because the figures show how much it is, it will be easy to find short-length posts.

In addition, entering the Domain Strength category gives you a backlink rough score, and Site Audit provides you with a view to errors that occur on your site.

Since you have the features you need to run the site, please install the program and get the information you need.

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