Internet Scrap Extension Program

If you go online, you’ll enjoy looking for the materials you want to see again later. However, it is difficult to manage your favorite posts and you can’t see them if they are deleted. So many people use the Internet Scrap Extension Program.

Some of the most popular scrap extensions include Pocket and Evernote, both free of charge, and upgrade to premium if you want more capacity and permanent retention. If you don’t want to save it on a large scale, you can use it for free.

1. Internet Scrap Pocket

Internet Scrap

If you go into Google’s Webstore and search Pocket, you can find extensions, and you see the description, you’ll capture and save posts on the Internet, like “the easiest and fastest way to capture articles, videos, etc.”

This extension is available on mobile as well as on PCs, so you can clip and share it with each other on a variety of devices.

Internet Scrap

When you install the Pocket extension to Chrome, an icon is created in the upper right corner, but when you click on the page you want to clip, the “page has been saved! A pop-up window appears and is saved to the list.

Internet Scrap

To see the saved scrap, click on the Pocket icon to enter the Open Your Pocket List menu.

Internet Scrap

If you enter the list, it’s organized in chronological order as shown above, but unlike your favorite ones, you can see a preview and a brief description, so you can understand what the posts are about.

Internet Scrap

Scraps can be viewed as shown above even if the original post is deleted. But one disadvantage is that it is impossible to modify the contents. So if you want to scrap and write additionally, please use the extension program below.

2. Evernote Web Clipper

Internet Scrap

The Evernote Web Clipper is an extension that is stored in the EverNote program, and is most likely to be used in terms of scrapability and modification.

These programs are also available on mobile, so you can scrap and share them on a variety of devices.

Internet Scrap

When you install the Evernote Web Clipper extension into Chrome, an icon is created in the upper right corner, and when you click on the page you want to scrap, you can select a scrap format and folder as shown above.

You have to sign up for the EverNote site to do the scrap and install the program to view it.

Internet Scrap

When you clip with an Internet scrap extension, it’s organized as a list as shown above, and you can also modify the content in the editor. EverNote is a program used by blogs and articles because it is comfortable for writers to write and share.

I’ve introduced two Internet scrap extensions: Pocket has the advantage of not having to pay for it, but it’s not modifiable, and Evernote has the advantage of being able to modify the body, but not being upgraded to premium, it has the disadvantage of having less capacity.

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