Caesium Program for Image Optimization

I didn’t pay much attention to the loading speed while running WordPress. But recently, when I saw that the speed was low on the Google Search console, I found out that image optimization is the most important part of how to speed up the site.

In case of Naver and T-Story, they automatically optimize even if they upload large-capacity images, but WordPress does not optimize them by default, so they use plug-ins, optimization sites, and programs.

The plug-in has a wide range of choices and is easy to use, but when I install it, the image is broken and it is better to reduce the plug-in as much as possible, so I don’t use it.

Sites are good in that they don’t need to install plug-ins, but it’s uncomfortable to keep using them because they have to connect every time and limitations when processing many images.

So I installed a program called Caesium that I can use for free, and I have been using it until now.

1. Image Optimization Program

Image Optimization

For instructions on how to install the program, you can view the introduction of various programs when you enter the official site, Caesium, or scroll down and view the download buttons shown above.

Image Optimization

Clicking the Download button takes you to another page, where you can receive the installation file by clicking the Windows Installer part shown above. The Portable below is a download file for your mobile device.

2. Open File

Image Optimization

Since the program will appear in Korean, the easy way to use is to open an image file from the menu, you can import the image by clicking the Open File, the icon in the tool window, and the Add button in the middle.

The easiest way to get it is by dragging and dropping the image file into the free space in Windows Explorer.

3. Setting options

Image Optimization

If you recall the image and see it at the bottom, there are compression options and size changes, both of which have a significant impact on capacity. The compression option can be called quality, but lowering it reduces the capacity of the image but reduces the quality.

The larger the size, the higher the capacity, so adjusting to the size of the site can significantly reduce the capacity.

Image Optimization

If you selected the Compression option, you need to set the Save option on the right, click the […] button to specify the folder you want to save, and type additional words in the suffix to avoid overwriting the source.

4. Conversion

Image Optimization

If you have made all the settings, you can click on the transform on the right, and when the conversion is complete, you can see the size, proportion, quality, and resolution after the conversion in the list.

I installed several optimization programs and used them, but I still use them because the Korean version and the option settings are easy to understand.

If you’re running a site or blog, please use the program above to optimize your image, as large image capacity slows loading.

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