Free malware AdwCleaner Program

“Introducing a free 14-day program to remove malware”

If you use the Internet, you can be exposed to various dangers. Especially for foreign sites, it is especially dangerous, and if you don’t remove malicious code installed without permission, your computer may slow down or personal information may be leaked.

So there are times when you can’t find it by testing it with a variety of virus programs. So I’d like to introduce you to an Adwcleaner that you can use for free. I solved the problem of advertising that I didn’t find on the vaccine I was using with this program.

Malicious code removal programs are divided into advanced and free versions, which can be used free of charge for testing, and the ability to protect your computer can only be used free of charge for 14 days, after which you must pay.

1. Download


Once you enter the Malwarebytes site, you can view the program’s description on the first screen and download the program by pressing the FREE DOWNLOAD button at the top.

Key Features

  • Remove adware and unwanted programs
  • Remove annoying toolbars and preinstalled software
  • Quick Scan Function
  • Use it immediately without installing a program

The program is not found in the Windows Start menu because it does not install. So if you’re planning to use it often, it’s a good idea to create a shortcut on the desktop.

2. Protection features


If you download the program and run it, you will see the screen as above, but there is no protection because it is a free version. So if you want to use protection, you can install the program by clicking Use Malwarebytes Protection in the upper right corner.

As I explained above, you can use the protection function for 14 days for free, but you have to pay after that.

3. Check Adware


If I click the test now on the dashboard, the test will be carried out, but it doesn’t take long like a vaccine program, and it took 33 seconds for me. The number of adware found was 40 as expected.


When I used my computer, I installed a program because of the phenomenon of advertising, and the test results showed malicious code that advertising such as MatchPop appeared.

You can isolate malware found by pressing the Next button to move on.


If you select Quarantine on the left, you can see the list of adware that has been quarantined so far, but if it is incorrectly quarantined, you can remove it permanently by pressing Restore at the bottom or Delete if it is malicious code.

4. Log Files


The log file is like a report, and you can view the scans and cleanup you’ve done in the meantime as txt files. You can see which folders have malware installed in them because they come in more detail, such as folders, files, registry, url, and so on.

If you have tested it with a vaccine program to remove malware that appears in advertisements like me, and you haven’t found it, please install the program above and proceed with the test.

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