Facebook Friends Manageable Extensions

If you do some activities, you will get a lot of requests for Facebook friends, and if anyone accepts it, you will soon reach your limit. Also, it is not easy to organize because it is difficult to find friends who are not communicating or not active.

So I’d like to introduce you to a Chrome extension program where you can see the statistics on Facebook statistics on Facebook. The extension program is good for my posts, and you can see a list of friends who post a lot of comments and Facebook friends who are not active, so you can manage your friends comfortably.

1. Facebook Friends Management

Facebook Friends

If you search Multiple Tools for Facebook on Google Web Store, you can find extensions, but if you look at users, you can say that they are the most Facebook-related extensions. You can install it on Chrome by pressing the Add to Chrome button.

Facebook Friends

If you install it on Chrome, an icon will be created at the top right, and if you click it, the extension page will appear and you can log in to Facebook.

2. Profile Statistics

Facebook Friends

Basically, the extension program comes out in English, so it won’t be hard to find out if you translate Chrome. The first thing you’ll find out is, if you go from the left category to the profile dashboard (PROFILE DASHBOARD), you’ll see above: Followers, friends, total posts, total good. You can view statistics such as .

The most popular statistics here are the most popular posts you can see at the bottom. Based on this, you can refer to which posts to post.

3. Inactive users

Facebook Friends

You can then view the Who is Deactivated function in the left category tool, and when you enter, you will find a Facebook friends who is inactive.

Since you are not active, you can cancel by clicking the trash icon on the right.

4. Active Users

Facebook Friends

The ability to find active users (Who is Active) in your friends is a valid, lazy, distinguished reference that allows you to communicate more intensively with friends who do many activities, as indicated above.

5. Interaction

Facebook Friends

As you run Facebook, I want to know the most about the comments. Interaction Scanner for checking the statistics of the friends you clicked on. Based on this, I can find a friend who is interested in me.

6. Cancel Friend

Facebook Friends

Finally, you can cancel your friends based on the statistics above because you can search with the ability to do Friends Remover at once.

If you look at Facebook-related Chrome extensions, most of them have only one function, and the extension program introduces various statistics to cancel large numbers of friends, so if you do Facebook often, please install it and manage it comfortably.

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