How to Insert PowerPoint Videos and Various SNS Videos

There are times when you need to insert a powerpoint videos, but if you’ve been in a program often, it won’t be difficult, but if you encounter a power point for the first time, it can be difficult to find it because the tool window is complicated. So I’m going to find out how to insert videos from my computer to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you import and insert a video from my computer, it will not be uploaded and saved to the PowerPoint action file, so if you change the path of the video file, the video may not appear. Please refer to this point and try it in the order below.

1. How to insert my computer video

PowerPoint Videos

How to insert a video from your computer is inserted when you click Insert in the top menu and then click PowerPoint Videos in the far right to select a file.

PowerPoint Videos

When you call up a video, it fills the screen when it is large, and you can see the height and width when you click the option in the top menu. You can reduce this number by reducing it, or you can drag the mark above directly to reduce the size on the screen.

2. How to insert a YouTube video

PowerPoint Videos

If you click on the YouTube video playback screen, you can copy the video URL. You can copy the video address by clicking this.

PowerPoint Videos

If you copied the YouTube video URL, it will be added when you select Video > Online PowerPoint videos, enter the copied video address, and insert it.

3. How to insert SNS videos

PowerPoint Videos

You can enter the address on YouTube, but other SNS videos only seem to be possible if you have updated the power point. I can’t add the update because it keeps failing, but if you’ve updated it correctly, you can insert it through the Embedded tag like the screen above, and in the case of Facebook, there’s a Facebook icon at the bottom, so you can click and enter the address.

It is YouTube that works properly in any version, so it would be convenient to insert a power point video using YouTube if possible. I’ve learned how to add a PowerPoint videos, but if you just find the menu, you can do it as much as you can.

If you can’t use PowerPoint because you don’t have an office program, you can use PowerPoint if you use the Office Extension Program, which is provided free of charge. Please note that there may be differences in functionality.

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