Create a slide show using PowerPoint Photo Album

The PowerPoint Photo Album feature allows you to show a variety of pictures on one screen, so it’s convenient to show you a lot of information.

It can be useful to show the process of building change or growth, but it’s not that difficult to make a slide show if you look at the description below, so you can do it in order and you’ll be able to do it.

Let’s go through the order of where the PowerPoint photo album functions are located and how to set them up.

1. PowerPoint Photo Album

PowerPoint Photo

If you click Insert in the top menu, you can click on the photo album here.

PowerPoint Photo

Once you enter the photo album, click File/Disk in Insert Picture at the top left to select the pictures for the slide show, and the list will be organized on the right.

PowerPoint Photo

Because it’s a slide show, the order in which the pictures appear is important, but when you click them, the Change Rank below option is enabled and you can change it up and down.

2. Change Layout

PowerPoint Photo

Basically, only one picture is shown, but if you want several pictures to appear on one screen, you can set the layout of the picture. If you click where you see above, you can set it to Figures 1, 2, and 4 to set how many pictures you want to show on a single screen.

3. Frame shape

PowerPoint Photo

You can change the appearance of the picture by choosing a rectangular, simple, composite, square center shadow, and soft edges. If you don’t like the plain-looking picture, please change your appearance to a frame shape.

4. Add Theme

PowerPoint Photo

You can also change the background by adding a theme, but you can view several theme files when you click Browse in the theme. You can choose your favorite theme there.

Now that you have finished setting up your photo album, pressing the Create button will create a slide show task window that you have set up and you can make further modifications.

5. Set Transition Time

PowerPoint Photo

Now you have to set the time when the picture is switched, but if you click Switch in the top menu, there’s something at the end of the right that says, “After the next time,” and if you press Apply, the transition time is applied to all slides.

The PowerPoint photo album is convenient to make a slide show, so please cook it and use it when you need it.

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