To save with PowerPoint fonts set up

“To save with PowerPoint fonts set up “

If you’re working with PowerPoint and you’re showing or sending a file from another computer, if you don’t have the font used, it might break or change to the default font, and you might not be able to deliver it properly. Therefore, it is recommended to save and send powerpoint fonts after setting them up.

This can be saved in MS words in the same way, but if the font you can include, it can be done without difficulty if you only check Include font in the save settings. If you include a font, the size of the file increases.

1. Include PowerPoint fonts

PowerPoint fonts

After you create it with a PowerPoint, the option does not appear when saving, but if you see it at the bottom of Save As, there is a tool button. Click this to open the Save option.

PowerPoint fonts

When you enter the Save option, you have the option Include the font of the file at the bottom. There are two choices: how to reduce the size of the file, including only letters, and how to allow others to edit it, including all characters.

If you’re just going to open the PowerPoint file, you can choose to include only the characters used for the presentation, and if you need to make additional edits, select Include all characters. If you include fonts, you can choose between the two because the capacity increases.

2. How to check the embedded fonts

PowerPoint fonts

To see the fonts installed on your computer, you can search for FONT on drive C to find folders, but when you enter, you see the type of fonts, as shown on the screen above, and when you click, you see font information at the bottom.

If you see information about the possibility of including powerpoint fonts here, you can see that editable fonts can be included. If you receive an error message that says you cannot include fonts when saving because most open or true types may contain fonts that are not, please check the font information.

<Why does Help not include fonts introduced in Help>

– The ones that do not have font support include Adobe Post Script Type 1 or Apple Advanced Input System (AAT).

– Authors do not have permission to include fonts

When you save a file that includes a PowerPoint font, you can forward it as you work because the font displays properly when you receive the file. So if you need to show it on another computer or send a working file, please see the description above and include the font and save it.

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