How to increase security by creating a PowerPoint document password

Security is important because PowerPoint is often used by companies as documents that summarize and present various plans. So security is important for accessing your computer, but it’s a good idea to create a PowerPoint document password so you can’t open it.

You can set a password for each document, but you also have PowerPoint, and it’s not that difficult to set it up. Let’s see how to set the password.

1. Save As

PowerPoint document password

After you set the PowerPoint document password and import the file you want to save, click the file from the top menu and click Save As.

PowerPoint document password

If you click Save As, there is a tool at the bottom next to Save and you can click here to enter the general option.

2. PowerPoint Document Password

PowerPoint document password

When you enter the Japanese option, you can set an open password or a write password, where you can enter a complex password that only you know, and then click OK to save it as a file with a password.

3. How to Release

It is easy to turn off the PowerPoint file that you set a password for. After you have entered the password above, you clear the password that is set and click OK to turn it off.

4. If you forget your password

PowerPoint document password

Once you enter the Ieepassword site, you can download the trial version. This program can also be seen in the site description, and it has the ability to decrypt office files.  I was told to set a password for the document above to increase security, but it may be strange to introduce a program that releases it, but I’ll introduce it to you because it’s difficult for you to forget your password.

PowerPoint document password

When you install the program and run it, you will see the above screen, where you can press the Open button to retrieve the password from the full office file, set the decryption option, and then press the Start button to proceed with the decryption.

※ Files with Korean names do not work.

PowerPoint document password

When you press the Start button to start the decryption process, you can see the progress below. But after I did it myself, I could see that it took a lot of time. It doesn’t seem to work in a short period of time because it’s a detoxification process.

Decryptors can be time-consuming and difficult to succeed in complex passwords, so if you have set up a PowerPoint document password, it’s a good idea to store it where you know it.

Office documents can be password-setting, so if you need security, try setting them up to increase security.

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