Reduce the capacity of your WordPress photo Use Als and plug-ins

There are so many kinds of blogs. Naver Blog and T-Story are popular in Korea, but WordPress is a representative blog abroad. WordPress is a site-type blog, so you can freely change it to the style you want, but you have to pay a lot of attention to reduce the amount of WordPress photos because it costs a server.

Posting too large a picture can be expensive because the server capacity limits are fast, and visitors can leave the site due to long loading times.

Depending on the theme (skin), it automatically reduces the image, but it’s about loading speed and upload capacity is often the same. So it’s good to reduce the amount of pictures in the first place. I’ll find out how to do it with Mr. Al and WordPress plug-in.

1. Reduce the capacity of your WordPress photos with an egg

WordPress photo

The Alc is a representative <Image Viewer Program>. Among the various functions, there are not only functions that reduce the resolution and capacity of the picture, but also video making, SNS sharing, calibration function, and format conversion.

Since it is not as difficult as Photoshop and free download, it is easy for anyone to use it, it is a must-have program for many people who want to reduce the amount of WordPress photos.

WordPress photo

It’s not difficult to install an RCS program, but if you search for RCS in Naver search box, you can see it individually in the software information, or you can also see the producer, Eastsoft Al Tools, on the website below.

You can install using either one of them. If you want to visit the official site and install it, you can click below to view the download page.

▶ Go to the download page of the Alc application

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When you install the egg, you can click on the image in Windows Explorer and see it as an egg program. If you click <click> in the picture you want to reduce the capacity here, you’ll see the Al menu. If you click there, you will get various functions about editing images, so you can click <Change Image Size>.

WordPress photo

When you click Change Image Size, you will see the Change Options window, which you can see adjusting to ratio, resolution, specific axis, and capacity. <Adjust with Capacity> has a capacity limit of up to 2MB, and you can reduce it by less if you adjust it with a gauge.

To reduce the capacity of your WordPress photo, consider the maximum size of your blog’s body to reduce the capacity of your Al because reducing the capacity will also reduce the resolution (size). (If you want to shorten it to size, you can adjust it to the resolution.) )

WordPress photo

Reducing the capacity can reduce the original file, so to preserve the original file, you can check the Save option on the right to add a phrase to the file name you want to save. If <Delete original file> is checked, the original file may be deleted, so you have to check it.

※ If you reduce the capacity of your WordPress photos with an Alc, you can select everything in the folder and click on it to replace all your photo files. Depending on the capacity and the number of files, this can take a long time.

2. Using Smush plug-in

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You will know that you will enter the WordPress Manager page and enter Plug-in > New on the right. If you enter here and search the upper right hand search window with <Smush>, you will find the plug-in marked above.

This plug-in has the ability to automatically reduce the amount of WordPress photos when you upload an image when you write.

WordPress photo

If you have previously written articles, you can optimize existing pictures by entering the Smush plug-in at the bottom of the right menu. If it’s free, it’s not optimized all at once, but it’s in a few units, so if you keep doing it, you can reduce the capacity of the entire picture.

WordPress photo

If you look at the bottom, there are options, but first, you can automatically reduce the size of the image and resize the image. When you decide on the maximum width and maximum height by considering the size of your blog or site’s body, you automatically adjust the uploaded image.

WordPress photo

However, if you use the WordPress plug-in only, you can reduce the amount of capacity if you upload too much, so if you use it with the first sample, you can reduce the amount of photos and not burden the server and loading time.

Because loading time is important to visitors, using a theme that optimizes photos is also a way. I uploaded too much capacity, so the server capacity limit came quickly, and if you are starting WordPress, please see how to reduce the capacity of WordPress photos and think about it in advance.

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