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“Plug-ins that can increase clicks with WordPress card”

If you’ve ever written on a Naver blog, you’ve probably seen it come out in the form of a card when you link to the site. But WordPress doesn’t have this function basically, so you’ll find out how to link to the card type. When you install the plug-in, a button is created on the editor so that you can use the WordPress card link feature when writing.

This feature can also give visitors confidence because it allows them to emphasize more links, preview images of what the site is like, and even site addresses. However, one disadvantage is that if you are using Yoast SEO, you may need to do additional links because they do not apply as outbound links.

Then let’s find out what kind of plug-in the WordPress card type is and how to use it.

1. Installing the Content Cards plug-in

WordPress Card

The Content Cards plug-in can be found as soon as you search on Google. Also, when you add plug-ins in WordPress Manager, it comes out as soon as you search, so you can install it without difficulty.

To summarize the description of this plug-in, it is a plug-in that uses OpenGraph data to import links containing titles, descriptions, and related images and make them WordPress card-type. It’s not only a Naver blog but also a way to use it on YouTube, Twitter, etc.

※ The biggest advantage of this plug-in is that you can open it with a new tab when you click on the link.

WordPress Card

There are things you need to check when installing the plug-in. Currently, Content Cards have been updated 8 months ago and may not be compatible with longer periods. So before installing the plug-in, make sure that it is compatible with the wordpress version you are using in the red box above.

2. How to use Content Cards

WordPress Card

When you install the plug-in, an icon is created in the Editor Tools window, which is clicked to enter the site address to create a WordPress card-type link.

But even if you don’t have the Content Cards plug-in, you can see that the WordPress plug-in link is card-type when you put the URL in the edit window, and the YouTube video is created as soon as you enter the URL. (Even if you don’t have a plug-in, it sometimes appears card-type when you insert a URL. )

WordPress Card

When you click Content Cards in the Tools pane, the window appears as shown above. You can enter the URL of the site you want to link to the Content Card URI here, where the target is to set whether the window opens with a new tab, and if you want it to open with a new tab, check it out.

I’ve seen a post saying that I don’t like to come out with new tabs in foreign countries, but I’m familiar with new tabs in Korea, so if it’s a blog made for domestic use, a new tab is good.

WordPress Card

As shown above, you created a WordPress card-type link using Content Cards. Thumbnails, titles, brief introductions, and site names give you a quick view of the link.

Because of this, many people prefer card-type links, so if you want to emphasize more when creating them, please install the plug-in that we introduce above.

※ To explain one disadvantage, Naver Blogs may not be visible if the preview image is large, but the above plug-in does not have the function, so the post length may be longer if the preview image is large.

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