Plug-ins that can use the WordPress attachment feature

“Plug-ins that can use the WordPress attachment feature ”

Blog owners use the attachment function to provide visitors with Korean-language files or images, which are not supported by many platforms because of the risk. (Most domestic blog services are supported, but the capacity is small.) WordPress also does not provide attachment functionality by default, but you can use it when you install the WordPress attachment plug-in.

By the way, WordPress buys and uses hosting, so you can use a lot of transmission when you use the attachment function.

Considering this point, please decide to use the WordPress attachment function. Then we’ll see how to install and use it.

1. WordPress Attachment Plug-in

WordPress Attachment

You will find it as soon as you enter additional plug-ins from the WordPress Manager page and search for WordPress Download Manager.

There are a lot of WordPress attachment plug-ins, but they have the largest number of downloads among them, and even if you look at the update date, they are recent, so there will be no problem with compatibility.

Those of you who do wordpress will know how to install it, so you can press the installation button now and activate it. If you can’t find the plug-in, you can click here.

2. How to use plug-ins

WordPress Attachment

The way to use plug-in may be a bit complicated for the first time, but it’s not that difficult if you try it once. When you install the plug-in, you can view the Downloads menu in WordPress Manager.

You can click Add New here and write the attached file post. Let’s do it in order.

WordPress Attachment

When you click Add New, you will see a screen like writing a post, where you can enter the title and description, and then click Select File on the right to upload the file you want to attach.

You don’t have to write a post here that makes the title and description easier to read later. (Attached posts will not appear in the WordPress Post List, but will only be available in the Download Manager. )

The attached capacity is quite higher than other 40MB blog platforms. Instead, please note that server capacity can be limited quickly as the capacity is large.

WordPress Attachment

WordPress Attachment

Once you have created an attachment post, you can now view the list when you click the Download Manager button in the toolbox when you create the post.

If you choose to attach to a post from the list, the code will appear, but the actual post will generate a download button.

WordPress Attachment

This is how the Download button was created in the post. If you click the title, you can go to the post you entered when you attached the file, and you can download it as soon as you click Download.

If you look at it at first, it may be difficult, but if you try it once, you will know that it is not difficult.

I’m also using the attachment function to download maps or image files, but I haven’t found any errors so far. If you want to use the WordPress attachment function, please try the plug-in above.

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