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WordPress can customize various things when you install a theme, but there is a limit for those who can’t program. In particular, the WordPress front page, which is called the home screen, is decorated through the functions on the theme, and it is difficult for people who have difficulty programming to make it into the configuration they want. So there’s a plug-in that helps beginners make it into the configuration you want.

Currently, only the basic article list will appear on the front page, but it’s free, so there’s a limit and even if I buy it, it’s not the configuration I want. So, I’m going to use Page Builder by Siteorigin to make it like a news channel, and I’m going to introduce the plug-in to those of you who can’t make the front page of WordPress into what you want because of the limitations of the theme.

1. WordPress Front Page Plug-in

WordPress front page

The way to install the WordPress front page plug-in is easy for those who have touched WordPress to a certain extent.

After you enter the plug-in > Add New in WordPress Manager and search in the search bar as Page Builder by siteorigin, you can find the plug-in on the first page. The most recent update is continuously being updated two days ago, and it is a popular plug-in with more than a million users installed. And it is compatible with the wordpress version I use.

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle must also be installed to use the widget button. If you look at the plug-in description, you can easily create reactive, column-based content using widgets, and you can easily learn and create responsive content with an intuitive interface that applies to all mobile devices.

2. Plug-in settings

WordPress front page

When you finish installing the plug-in and you activate it, you can view <Page Builder> in the administrator settings. If you click here, you can set up the plug-in. The basic thing to do is to check pages and articles in General > Post Types. If you apply them to other types, you can also check them.

Then, check Legacy Bundled Widgets in the Widgets setting. This makes more widgets available when you page by adding existing widgets.

3. How to use the plug-in

There are people who don’t understand the page before they know how to use the plug-in, so the posts and pages are different. If a post falls into a category, the page can be created like a post, but it can be used as a menu to organize the screen and the front (home screen).

When you configure a bulletin board, you can also create a bulletin page at random and use it when you associate it with the bulletin board plug-in. Simply put, a post is a blog post and a page is a single screen of a site.

WordPress front page

WordPress front page

If you add Page > New Page in Manager, you will see the Editor screen, and if you look at the top right here, you will see that the Page Builder button has been created.

This changes the appearance of the editor, which creates the Add Widget, Add Row, Layouts, History, Live Editor, and Addons buttons so that you can decorate the WordPress front page by selecting them. You might find it difficult because it’s in English, but if you click it, you’ll see that it’s not that difficult.

For the default plug-in, you can only use the ones shown above, but there are more features available when you use the pro, so you can look better like a site. But rather than paying for the program from the beginning, try the free version and use the program if it’s not enough.

If it’s hard to organize, you can choose Layouts and choose a predetermined layer style. It’s a configuration that’s used a lot on the site and can be modified, so it’s okay for those who have a hard time organizing the front page.

If you’re using WordPress as a company introduction rather than a blog, you can use the above layer style to create a site without too long.

4. How to apply it

WordPress front page

If you created the front page settings through the plug-in, you can see the Homepage display settings when you enter Settings > Read in Manager. You can select <Static Page> here and then select the page you created on the homepage.

If the theme itself has a static page configuration, you don’t have to use the introductory plug-in, but if you don’t, use the Page Builder by Siteorigin and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plug-ins to create a great WordPress front page (home screen).

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