WordPress Plug-in to Auto-Insert Google AdSense

If you’re starting WordPress, there are people who want to create a homepage to promote the company, but there are more people who create blog-type sites. Although it’s a place where you write your own words, there are probably a lot of people who sign up for WordPress Google AdSense and place advertisements to make a profit.

Google AdSense has a system that places itself through automatic advertising, but many people want to put it where they want it. In case of T-Story, many box-type ads are placed on the upper right and left sides of the text.

This can be done without difficulty through WordPress Google AdSense plug-in, but there will be people looking for it because it does not have a basic function.

In particular, in the case of T-Story, some people will apply automatic advertising or insert code directly. Then what about WordPress? There’s a plug-in that makes this very easy. It is very convenient to apply the advertising layout at the top, middle, and end of the text because you don’t have to insert the code.

I also placed a lot of ads on the top right, so I found out what to do comfortably. It’s not difficult, so please look at the description of the WordPress AdSense plug-in below and try it.

1. How to install the plug-in

Google AddSense

I’ll explain it to you thinking it’s your first time installing WordPress. If you go into the manager’s page, there are menus on the left. You can find <Plug-ins> here to see a list of plug-ins currently installed through the installed plug-ins, and when you click <Add New>, you can search for and add new plug-ins.

Google AddSense

If you click Add New Plug-in, you can see the new plug-ins that are divided into Recommendation, Popularity, Recommended, and Favorite. If you look at the top right, there is a search box. If you search here as Easy Plugin For Adsense, you’ll find the plug-in. If you click the Install Now button here and the installation is complete, you can click the active button to complete the installation.

If you look here, there are many plug-ins that help you deploy WordPress Google Add-Sense. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a few plug-ins to install and choose what suits you. I am introducing you because it is really simple and Korean version, so it is not difficult to do it.

I haven’t used anything else, but there seems to be a variety of features added, so some places that can’t be deployed can place Google AdSense ads. The introduction is to set up a widget in the site bar along with placing it at the top, middle and bottom, so if you want more functionality, try installing another plug-in as well.

2. How to Use

Google AddSense

After you complete the plug-in installation, you will be able to view the Easy Plugin For Adsense plug-in in the list when you enter <Installed Plugin>. You can press the Settings button directly below because you need to enter the WordPress Google AdSense layout and code.

Google AddSense

When you press the Settings button, you will see a Settings screen that enters the code for each area as shown above. If you look here, the introduction is to teach the top, and the middle is to enter the advertising code that is inserted in the middle of the text.

And at the bottom is where you insert the advertising code located at the end of the text. But if you look here, there’s an advertisement alignment. You can set the location and view <Sort Criteria> here. And you can set the margins, so you can place WordPress Google AdSense where you want to go.

I found this plug-in because I wanted to insert a box-type WordPress Google AdSense at the top right of the text, so the setting position of the top code is the beginning of the text and the view is aligned to the right. If you do this, you can put in the upper right box Google AdSense that you did on the T-Story AdSense plug-in.

If you don’t use this plug-in, you have to modify it in HTML/CSS, so it can be very difficult for people who are not good at it. So after I found out about this plug-in, I arranged it very comfortably.

If you don’t want an ad in the middle of the text, you can choose <No Intermediate Advertising> from the view. If you set the default setting, please delete this part and set it to No Advertising because the phrase “Please generate and paste you…” above will go into the text.

Google AddSense

There are options right below the setup window. If you look here, there’s something called Allow Advertising. It’s about choosing how much to do this. In the past, there was a Google AdSense ad restriction, but now it’s gone, so you can allow the number you want. Also, if you look at other options, select the one that suits you, and then press Save Changes.

Google AddSense

If you set it to the desired setting, you can see WordPress Google AdSense ads placed in the body as shown above. If you do it at first, it doesn’t come out right away, but if you take some time, you’ll see it. There are a variety of plug-ins, but it’s the easiest to do. If you’re not familiar with programming, please use it and place your advertisement comfortably.

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