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Following the state of Kansas in the U.S., I made a Nebraska map in the U.S. this time. As before, roads, airports, cities, etc. are not marked in detail, but are designed to be seen at a glance.

Nebraska is one of the 50 states in the United States, between South Dakota to the north, Iowa to the east, Wyoming to the west, and Kansas to the south.

The central U.S. state has an area of 200,356 square kilometers, and if you compare it with other countries, you can see that it is a large area, considering that it is 100,210 square kilometers in South Korea, 92,212 square kilometers in Portugal, and 242,495 square kilometers in the U.

The population is 1,920,076, with a population density of 9.5 people/km 으로, and compared to the population density of other countries, it shows that Nebraska has a very low population of 515 people/km 33, 243 people/km,, and 337 people/km 으로 in Japan.

It is hard to feel that the map of the United States is so big when you compare it with Korea, but I found out how big it is.

There is a saying that cars are essential in the United States, but cars are essential because it is difficult to walk to buy things except in large cities and to use public transportation.

Nebraska’s GDP is 124.742 billion dollars, which is a lot higher than Cambodia’s 24.5 billion dollars, Laos’ 17.9 billion dollars, Myanmar’s 71.2 billion dollars, Bulgaria’s 65.1 billion dollars, which is several times higher than a country’s GDP.

The GDP per capita, which shows the actual economic situation of the people, is $53,114, which is high considering that Korea is $31,362. Agriculture and livestock are the main industries, and corn, which is the feed of livestock, is grown.

Other than corn, wheat, oats, beet, and beans are also produced, and dairy products through livestock are highly developed. The Nebraska-related article says that there are more cattle than humans, so the livestock industry is highly developed in the United States and accounts for most of the beef imported into Korea.

Mining is also developed, with the largest number of oil and cement being mined. The state’s nickname is the state of corn because it produces a lot of corn, and the main airport is Omaha.

There are mainly nature-friendly places where 90% of the area is farmland, including Sand Hills, Nebraska, Todd School Geological Park, Chimney Rock National Historic Site, the Nairbrara National Landscape River, Scotts Bluff National Monument, etc.

If I look at Nebraska this much and talk about the map I made this time, the program I used is an illustrator and I used Photoshop to add colors.

It’s not just one map type, but it’s made of three color maps, basic maps, and contour maps for various purposes. You can download them all for free by clicking on the Google drive at the bottom of the compressed file.

1. Nebraska Map

Nebraska Map

Here’s a Nebraska map that I made recently. It’s a map that’s made so that you can only know the area, not the map you’ve shown in detail, just like the way you’ve already done it. The name of the area is marked in Korean and English, so that those who find the correct English notation do not have to find it separately, and it is easy to distinguish it by using colors in the region.

Since the size is made with A3, it is good to print and see, and it will be easy to modify using a graphic program.

It’s good for Nebraska writers to use because it has colors, but if you want to upload it online, you can download the image above and click Google Drive at the bottom to download it.

2. Basic map

Nebraska Map

Nebraska map with colors are nice to see, but we also made a Nebraska map with colors removed because printing takes a lot of ink. Because there is no color, the local name is better visible and printing can save ink.

And it’s a type of map that allows you to work comfortably when you want to add colors to only the regions you want, or even when you want to delete certain regions. The size is also large, so it will be good to use after printing.

3. Outline map

Nebraska Map

The last Nebraska map is a map type that is made for those who want to do graphic work, with all colors and local name tags removed. All the lines were disconnected, so you won’t need to add additional connections when you color them.

All three of the Nebraska map above are compressed files that you can download by clicking on the Google drive at the bottom, and since we’ve created maps from various countries, click on the map from the top menu to download what you need.

※ For the map above, go to [Google Drive] and click the Download button in the upper right corner to download it.

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