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People who run sites or blogs want their posts to be seen in more places. So, you can add WordPress SNS Sharing button to posts that can be shared on various social media. Basically, it is located at the top or bottom, but if it becomes less readable or too long, it can interfere.

So there is a way to place it on the left or right sidebar of the body. Among the WordPress SNS plug-ins, the floating method is the most effective way to read the text and scroll down, and it keeps you in that position, so it’s attractive and saves time to look.

The Social Pug plug-in is free by default and has a professional version. You can add large social media platform buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and you can see icon buttons and number of shares at a glance.

The downside is that domestic SNS cannot be used, but I don’t think it will be a big problem as I use Facebook and Twitter the most.

1. How to install the Social Pug Plug-in

WordPress SNS

To install the WordPresser SNS plug-in, you can find the plug-in shown on the screen above when you enter the plug-in > Additional plug-ins on the administrator page and search for <Social Pug> in the upper-right search window. If you look at the latest update, you can see that we looked for other SNS sharing plug-ins 5 days ago, but the update is good and the rating is also high with 5 stars.

[ WordPress SNS Key Features ]

– Content Social Sharing Button: Social sharing buttons can be placed directly in front of or on the body or side of the content. (if paid version, it can be placed in various places)

– Show the number of social shares: Show the number of social shares on all social media networks, including Twitter

– Editable button label: Modify the label displayed on the share button to maximize participation

2. How to set up

WordPress SNS

When you finish installing the WordPress SNS plug-in, you can enter the settings in the plug-in list, but you can see it directly at the bottom of the Administrator page. If you click on it, you’ll get four settings, which are almost all set up in Toolkit and Floating Sidebar, and Extensions is available in the paid version.

WordPress SNS

If you go into the <Toolkit> setting first, you can select a location in two ways. The setup method is activated by clicking the button below, the floating sidebar is located on the left side away from the body and the inline content is located on the body.

These two methods are free and you can upgrade if you want more locations.

WordPress SNS

<Floating Sidebar> is where you set up the floating sidebar button, and you can add social media through the <select networds> button at the top, which is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

If you add it to the WordPress SNS plug-in, it will be organized as a list and you can change the location through drag.

WordPress SNS

If you have selected the social media you want to use, you should set the screen below. Button shape is a choice of the shape of a button, which has a rectangle, round, and circle. Show icon animation is to select whether to set the animation that appears when the mouse is placed on the share button.

Button Position is the positioning of the floating sidebar and can be selected left and right. Show on mobile, Mobile screen width allows you to determine whether and how wide your mobile is displayed.

WordPress SNS

Finally, the Show share count determines whether to display the number of shares, and the Show total share count selects to display the total number of shares. Lastly, if you think it’s bad to get a share button by deciding which type to show the share button, you can uncheck it.

WordPress SNS Floating Sidebar is the best choice for those who think that the readability is not good because there is a share button in the text.

I think the plug-in above will be useful because I have tried many things and it is clean and easy to use, and I can even see the statistics when using the pro version.

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