Creating a WordPress Sidebar Slide Image widget

If you look at a news channel, you’ve probably seen <slide images> on the sidebar, where the images move in order. Some of you might want to apply your WordPress sidebar. Basically, if you use the ash pack plug-in, you can use it because it includes functions.

But for those who don’t use the ash pack because they’re heavy like me, they look for plug-ins, and most of them are used in the body, and it’s often paid to apply them to the sidebar. So for those of you who are having a hard time finding it, I’d like to introduce you to how to apply the slide image widget to WordPress Sidebar with the Siteorigin widesgets bundle plug-in, which is a collection of sidebar widgets.

1. WordPress Sidebar Plug-in

WordPress Sidebar

You’ll find it as soon as you search in the Add Plug-in search window called the siteorigin widgets bundle. If you look at the number of users, you’ll see a lot of things, and because the latest update is five days away, you’ll see that it’s constantly being updated.

The WordPress Sidebar Siteorigin Widgets Bundle plug-in provides a collection that can be customized as a widget bundle, and you can view the widgets that have been added in the widget settings.

2. How to create a slide image widget

WordPress Sidebar

When you complete the installation and enter the Theme Design widget settings, you can view the installed widgets, where the image slide is called SiteOrigin Slider. Drag it to the desired widget location and you’ll see the same window above.

The animation speed is set to 800 seconds by default to determine the speed at which the image changes. You can do it for 1 to 3 seconds.  Timeout is set to 8000 seconds to set the total time, but if you want to finish moving in a short time, you can shorten the time.

WordPress Sidebar

Now you need to add the image you want to use, but you can see that a frame has been created by pressing the Add button under Slider frames at the top. Click this to add and set up images.

WordPress Sidebar

To add an image, click Choose Media in the Background image, and the gallery window opens and you can add an image. Then select the background color and image type below.

WordPress Sidebar

If you click on an image, you can enter the address in the Destination URL or click Select Content to get a list of posts, which you can select from. And if you check the Open in new window just below, it opens into a new window.

WordPress Sidebar

If you have added one image, you can click the Add button below to add the frame and set the next images. It may seem complicated because there are many things to set up, but if you use a Chrome browser, you can use the Korean translation function by right-clicking on the screen.

WordPress Sidebar

You’ll be wondering what it looks like when you’ve looked at the plug-in and how to create an image slide widget in your WordPress sidebar location. You can change the image by clicking left and right like the screen above, and it changes to the next image according to the time you set.

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plug-in is a useful plug-in for those who want to use a variety of widgets, including gallery widgets, videos, price tags, and social media buttons.

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