To resize WordPress K-Board Bulletin Board letters

Unlike blogs run on portals, WordPress has a high degree of freedom, so more people can make it into the form they want, and since it has a high degree of freedom, you can add a variety of functions. Among them, you can use plug-ins to add bulletin boards that you couldn’t do on existing blogs, and there are various bulletin boards, but many people use WordPress k-board in WordPress k-board.

I’ve used a variety of things, but I’m using the K-board because it’s convenient, and I looked for a way to reduce the font size because it’s too big, but I found a solution on the producer’s blog.

There are people who have a hard time finding the producer’s blog, and not only the font size, but also the font size and the list size are not organized at once, so I’ll organize this for those who have a hard time finding each one.

If you’ve modified CSS on T-Story or blog spots, you can do it without difficulty, but if you haven’t, you can do it if you see how to introduce it below.

1. Install WordPress K-Board


First of all, for those who don’t have WordPress K-boards, we’ll learn how to install them. K-board needs to be uploaded to WordPress after downloading it differently from the previous method of searching and installing plug-ins in WordPress. Download the two plug-ins marked above from the official K-board homepage first.


If you have downloaded the WordPress K-board plug-in, click Plug-in > Add New on the WordPress Administrator page, and then click the Upload Plug-in button on the screen above to upload the file.

I also made a mistake. WordPress K-board plug-in is a compressed file, so sometimes you upload it after extracting it, but you have to upload the file as it is before you install it. When you complete the installation of the two plug-ins, you will see KBoard and Store created in the Admin Left category.

2. How to change the font

Fonts basically seem to be affected by themes (skin), but for me, they were large on my PC and small on my mobile. In this case, if you changed the font, you could see it coming in the right size on your mobile.

This seems to be different for each theme, but if you are experiencing a phenomenon like me, please see the explanation below and try to modify it.


You will see the preference screen to click on the K-board category. If you scroll down here, you can see the <Custom CSS> part. This is a modification of the CSS, and you can modify the K-board by adding various attributes here. If you want to modify the font to Sharing Gothic, you can add the following properties.

.kboard-document-wrap { font-family: ‘Nanum Gothic’ }
.kboard-default-list { font-family: ‘Nanum Gothic’ }
.kboard-default-list a { font-family: ‘Nanum Gothic’ }
.kboard-default-list button { font-family: ‘Nanum Gothic’ }

The first property is to modify the font in the body, and the rest is to modify the list (list) font on the keyboard to be divided Gothic. If you click the Update Custom CSS button after adding the contents above, it will be applied to the keyboard.

3. To modify the letter size

You can modify the size of the letters by dividing them into the text and the list, and you can adjust the spacing between the lines. Since this part is important for readability, it is recommended that you make proper spacing.

.kboard-content .content-view { font-size: 15px; line-height: 26px;}
#kboard-default-latest table .kboard-latest-title { font-size: 13px !important; }

The first is to modify the letter size and between lines of the text, with font-size: 15px being the body size of 15 and line-height: 26px being the spacing between the lines. You just need to modify the number and make it into the shape you want. The last property is to modify the character size of the list (list). As expected, you just need to modify the number and add it.

The contents above are well answered in the K-board community, so if you can’t, please ask questions and get answers.

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