WordPress Image Enlargement Settings and Close Indication Plug-ins

If you upload a wordpress image and read it after writing, you may not be able to see it well because the image is small. In particular, if there is text in the image, it is hard to see without zooming in, so you click to zoom in, but it does not zoom in unless you set it up. So, let’s find out how to set up the WordPress image that can be expanded.

However, if you zoom in on the image, there is no X (close mark) when you close it, so you have to go back when you close it or click on a background outside the image to disappear, which can be inconvenient if visitors don’t know how to do it. So if you install the plug-in along with the image magnification settings and make it appear X (close mark), you can easily see the image.

1. Expand WordPress image

WordPress Image

When you upload a WordPress image, there is a setting on the right, where <Attachment Display Settings> defaults to None, but when you set it to a media file, it expands when you click on the image. This is automatically set to a media file once done.

WordPress Image

As far as I know, the method of expanding WordPress image from the previous upload was forced to do it individually. When you go into editing a document and click on an image, you can go into the pencil-shaped icon (edit) and replace the link with a media file in the attachment display settings.

2. Close (X) Display Plug-in for Image Enlargement

WordPress Image

The plug-in that indicates a close indicator is WP Featherlight – A Simple JQuery Lightbox, which appears at the top of the search bar. It’s been a while since I updated it, but I had no problem using it because it’s a simple plug-in. This plug-in is applied immediately because there are no settings.

WordPress Image

After applying the Close Mark plug-in, click the image to zoom in, and you can see the X mark in the upper right corner. When clicked, closes the enlarged image. There are other plug-ins that make it look different, so you can search and install what you like.

Image augmentation is a function that has T-Story and Naver Blog by default, but cannot be set up. However, WordPress is more free in that it can set whether to expand or not and can change what it shows when it expands through plug-ins.

For those of you who use a lot of images to write, the image magnification function is needed for visitors who want to see a larger screen, so please see the description above and set it up so that you can close it comfortably through the Close Mark plug-in.

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