WordPress Hueman theme sharing gothic IE crack resolution review

“Simple way to fix WordPress Hueman theme font cracking”

I’m using the WordPress Hueman theme, but I can use the font provided by default, but I didn’t like the font, so the first plugin I installed was Easy Google Font. The reason I used this plugin was that it was used by many people, and it was free to tweak in customization.

However, there was a problem while using the Easy Google Font font. The font was displayed properly in Chrome, Whale, and Firefox, but in IE Explorer it appeared as Arial.

1. Appearing as a roll in Explorer

Hueman theme

If you look at the image above, the left is the site in Chrome, and the right is the site in Explorer. You can see that the gothic division is not applied and the default font is Arial. I can think of what’s wrong with this, but it’s because I need to use the Gothic Nanum that can be seen well for readability.

To solve this part, I went around foreign sites and applied the solution that came out, but it did not work. So, I decided to give up the Kopubbatang font and control function I used because I liked it and change the font plugin.

2. Google Fonts for WordPress

Hueman theme

I tried installing and using various font plugins, but I didn’t like it in terms of functionality, and some font plugins cracked in IE. So the font plugin I found is Google Fonts for WordPress.

In WordPress Hueman Theme Customization, fonts can be applied differently for each type, and there is Naum Gothic, which is used the most, so I used it. However, in order to set the font size, tracking, etc., I had to upgrade to the pro version, so I modified it through CSS.

3. Font modification CSS added

Hueman theme

I applied division gothic, but the line spacing was too close and the font color was gray, so I decided to fix it. After going into customizing in Hueman theme design, go to Advanced Options at the bottom and you will see an additional CSS menu.

Here, CSS has been added to change the font color to black and the line spacing to 29px.

.entry {color: black; }
* {color: black; }

p {
line-height: 29px;

If you want to modify the font size additionally, under p {font-size: 100px; You can add “.” If you adjust the 100px value, you will be able to set the font size you want. For more CSS information, please refer to the jamvdo.me site.

I changed the font plugin and even added CSS to fix the IE cracking problem. Since I am not using the WordPress Hueman theme pro version yet, I cannot check whether Nanum Gothic is provided in the default font, but if you use the free version with me, please try the solution through the above method.

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