WordPress Sharing NumBarun Gothic application Use Any Font plug-in

” WordPress Sharing NumBarun Gothic application Use Any Font plug-in “

Fonts are an important element to increase readability, so I choose them while thinking a lot. I can use web fonts, but I will find a way to upload and use them because of the phenomenon of cracking in Explorer. So, I would like to introduce a plug-in that can apply the most commonly used WordPress Numbarun Gothic font.

As a Use Any Font plugin, it is not only one font to upload, but a variety of fonts to be uploaded and used when needed. It is a convenient plugin for those who are troubled by the change to Gulim font in the IE browser.

1. Download Nanumbarun Gothic

NumBarun Gothic

Nanumbarun Gothic is provided by Naver and is popular because it is a font optimized for mobile. When you connect to the site, you can download the installation file for Windows and for Mac.

NumBarun Gothic

When the installation is complete, go to C:/windows/fonts, and there is a search window in the upper right corner. You can search for and find Numbarun Gothic, then press Ctrl + C to copy.

NumBarun Gothic

If you have copied the Divided Gothic from the fonts folder, create a folder and press Ctrl + V (paste) to see the Divided Gothic type as shown in the screen above. Here, you can upload whatever you want to the Use Any Font plugin.

2. Applying WordPress Sharing Barun Gothic

NumBarun Gothic

If you search for <use any font> in Add New Plugin, you will find a plugin that can apply WordPress Nanumbarun Gothic. Click the Install Now button here to activate it.

3. Use Any Font option

NumBarun Gothic

If you have installed the plugin, you can see that it has been added when you see the WordPress manager menu, and when you click it, an option window appears.

Here, the top API KEY can be used for free for one font, and if you want to use it unlimitedly, you can pay by clicking the link here in the description. Since we will only use Nanumbarun Gothic, you can get the key by clicking the Generate Test API Key button shown above.

When you receive the API KEY, it will appear in the blank and you can apply it by clicking the Verify button.

NumBarun Gothic

Then, in the Upload Fonts option, click the Add Fonts button on the right to upload the Nanumbarun Gothic file downloaded above. When you click the Upload button, there is no response. Wait a little to complete.

NumBarun Gothic

Once you have uploaded the font, you need to apply it by pressing the Assign Font button. Select the uploaded font from Select Font and check the applied place. And if you see it at the bottom, you can edit it by entering CSS in Custom Elements.

When all settings are done, click the Save Settings button at the bottom to apply. If you want to apply WordPress Sharing Barun Gothic, there are various plugins, but since Use Any Font is an upload method, it has the advantage that it will appear properly in Explorer, so please try using it.

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