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If you are running WordPress, there will be people who use basic functions or DISQUS in the case of comments. However, since the default comment function can be written immediately without login or authentication, spam comments or malicious comments may run. So, if you install the WordPress Facebook comment plug-in, you can only write comments after logging in, so you can prevent spam and malicious comments to some extent.

It is not difficult to install, but if you receive a comment ID from the Facebook Developer Center and install the plugin, you can see the comment created at the bottom of WordPress.

However, if you are using the default comment function, there are two, so I will explain how to remove the default comment below.

1. Turn off the default comment function

Facebook comment

The first thing you need to do to use WordPress Facebook comments is to turn off the comments you are using, but there are a few ways to disallow default comments.

First of all, to prevent comments from appearing on individual posts, if you place the mouse point on the post in the post list, quick edit will appear, and if you click, options will appear as in the screen above. You can disable comments here.

Facebook comment

After that, if you click the blank box 1 in the upper left corner of the post list, all posts in the currently visible post list are selected. Comes out. You can choose not to allow comment #3 here.

However, if a visitor wrote a comment previously, the comment will remain even if you follow the above method. So, if you do it after deleting the written comment, the comment will not be visible.

2. Join the Facebook Developer Center

Facebook comment

In order to use the WordPress Facebook comment feature, you need to be given an ID in the Developer Center, so you need to sign up for the Developer Center. When you are logged in to Facebook, click the Sign Up Now button shown above.

Facebook comment

If you click Sign Up while logged in to Facebook, the screen above will appear. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Facebook comment

When you click the Next button, “Which item best describes you?” will appear. You can select the one that suits you.

Facebook comment

When you select an item, there is an app creation button, and when you press it, the screen above appears. Enter your display name and email here and click the Create App ID button.

Facebook comment

If you signed up for the developer center and created an app, the screen above will appear. You can copy the app ID at the top. App ID will be used in the Facebook comment plugin settings.

3. WordPress Facebook Plugin

Facebook comment

If you disable the default comment feature and have been given an App ID in the Developer Center, go to Plugins> Add New in WordPress Manager, and enter <Facebook comments> in the search box, and various plugins will appear. Install Wpdevart facebook comment here. And activate it.

Facebook comment

When the plugin is installed, Facebook Comment is created in the WordPress admin menu. When you enter, the setting screen appears, and you can enter the APP ID you received from the Facebook Developer Center in the APP ID input space at the top.

Then, you can enter the title of the comment in Title below, and change the other settings to the style you want. However, not all options are available, and some are only available through a paid payment.

Facebook comment

After completing all the above steps and entering the site, you can see that a Facebook comment window has been created at the bottom. It may feel difficult to see the sequence, but you can do it easily because you only need to sign up for the Facebook Developer Center, obtain an App ID, and install the WordPress Facebook Comments plugin.

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