Review of what to do when you accidentally deleted posts

“What to do if you deleted posts”

I was embarrassed by the deletion of the WordPress post. I’m using the Yoast plugin, but the keyword input disappeared after the update, so I didn’t use it as a premium for a while, but I upgraded, but a post was floating in the block link list, so I deleted it without knowing.

I thought of what was in the trash as a temporary post and deleted it, so I couldn’t recover it, so I searched for it. And on some sites I was told that I had to talk to the developer.

However, in the post that explained this part, I found out that I can view the deleted posts using the Google cache, so I was able to recover them. For those of you who are embarrassed by deleting WordPress posts, I will explain how I did it.

1. Recycle Bin Recovery

deleted posts

First of all, if you accidentally delete a post, you will see the trash bin if you look at the top of the WordPress admin post list. Click here to see the list of deleted posts and click Recover to restore the deleted posts.

What is in the Recycle Bin is not stored permanently and is automatically deleted after about 30 days. If this method works, there is no big problem, but if you delete the trash, please explain below.

2. Google Cache

deleted posts

If the deleted post is being searched on Google, if you find it and click it, it will appear as a missing post because it was deleted, but if you use the cache function, you can view the content of the post, so you can restore the post if it is less moved.

How to view my posts can be found on Google by entering the site: address and post title. (Example: site: Site and program that can extract image coordinates)

deleted posts

If you click the ▼ icon in the search result site address, the <Saved Page> option appears, and if you click it, you can view the post. Since this is stored on Google, it may not be visible if it is out of date.

deleted posts

If you click the Saved Page button, you can view the contents of the deleted post as shown in the screen above, and you can also check the address. Just look at this screen and rewrite your post.

3. Change the post date

deleted posts

Since most of the unique address settings are set with the date and name, if only the date is modified, the restoration of deleted posts will be completed. In the post list, click Quick Edit under the title and change the date to the date the post was written.

If you make one change here, the post you write in the future will be on that date, so please change the date when you write a new post.

The above method is the method I did, so it may not be possible or problems may arise because the conditions are not met. Therefore, please refer to the above information only, and try to restore it by referring to various reviews of deleting WordPress posts from Google.

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