Broken Link Checker finds broken links in WordPress

There are those who don’t care much even if a broken link in wordpress has been created. However, this can be a problem for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and if you don’t manage it consistently, it can affect your rankings.

It is not difficult to find if the number of postings is small, but it is difficult to find if you have written a lot of posts, so if you install the Broken Link Checker plugin that manages links, you can easily find and edit.

1. WordPress broken link plugin

broken link

There are a lot of plugins that check for broken links in WordPress. Among them, the one I use is called Broken Link Checker, which is a plugin that has been installed and used from the beginning of WordPress operation.

Although it is not being updated continuously, there are no major problems with using it so far, and it can be said that it has the largest number of users.

2. How to use plugins

broken link

When you install the Broken Link Checker plugin, it will be created in your WordPress notification board. Here you can check how many links there are and no broken links.

It can be difficult to check here, but if there is a broken link, a notification window at the top will notify you, so you can check it right away.

broken link

If you enter the WordPress settings menu you will see the Broken Link Checker plugin, click on it to see the settings If you use a Chrome browser here, you will be able to set it up without difficulty if you use a translator.

If you look at General, you can see the current number of links and the status of broken links, and you can set when the site checks. You can also set up email notifications, so it won’t be difficult to see when broken links occur.

broken link

In the Find next link category, check to select where you want broken links to be found, and you will be examined in the future to find and notify you of broken links.

broken link

The next time you see the link you want to check, you can choose the link type, or create an exclusion list to set up links to keep you informed.

broken link

Finally, you can mark a long site as broken by setting the timeout. And you can check again by initializing the database through forced recheck.

If WordPress broken links are left unattended, users will have a bad impression on sites that do not open after clicking, and SEO also checks the links, so broken links are bad in many ways.

So, you need to install the plugins introduced above and check them constantly.

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