How to optimize images to speed up WordPress

“How to optimize image size to speed up WordPress”

If you are a WordPress operator, you will have a lot of thoughts about speed improvement. I thought the loading speed was okay, but when I measured it with PageSpeed ​​Insights it was in the red range and I am trying to speed up WordPress.

I was relieved by the AMP setting for the mobile environment, but it was quite shocking that I was in the red range on the desktop.

So the first thing I did was optimize the image.

If you write while thinking about image optimization when writing, you will not have a big problem, but if you have not done so like me, please take a look at the method introduced below and try to optimize the image.

1. Reducing the capacity

speed up WordPress

In the case of uploading a picture, if the capacity is not reduced, the loading speed will be greatly affected. Even if you do not use the program, the free site Optimizilla optimizes the image while maintaining the quality.

It saves about 70% on average, which helps speed up WordPress.

speed up WordPress

When you access the site, you will see a screen like the one above. You can load an image by clicking the file upload button here, or by dragging a file and putting it in the’Put your file here’.

The image is optimized as soon as the image is loaded, and the results are immediately visible.

If you are working on only one, click the download button under the image. If you are working with multiple images, click the download button at the bottom to download it as a compressed file.

Using optimized images will greatly help speed up WordPress.

2. Reducing the size

speed up WordPress

The larger the image, the larger the size, so it cannot be reduced much even if it is optimized.

So, if it is a large size, it is better to adjust it to fit the site. For those who know how to use Photoshop and Photoshop, it is not difficult, but if it is not, you can reduce it on a site such as iloveimg.

When you access the iloveimg site, there is a’Select multiple images’ button. Click to load the image to be resized.

speed up WordPress

When the image is loaded, you will be taken to the resizing option screen, where you can set by pixel or percentage on the right.

After checking the size that is changed in the list, click the button at the bottom right to go to the download page and download it as a compressed file.

Using resized images can improve WordPress speed.

3. Smush plugin

speed up WordPress

Since the method introduced above is the method used when writing an article, you may be wondering how to optimize the existing images. However, there are many optimization plugins, so you can select one and proceed with optimization.

The most popular plugin is called Smush, which can reduce the image size even for free, and if you use the Pro version, you can reduce the size by more than 2 times.

Since the Pro version can be experienced for 30 days, automatic payment will not be made if you cancel the trial version after optimizing all at once.

One downside is that when you start working with Smush, your site slows down. With this in mind, we hope that you will work during a period with fewer visitors.

I am looking for a lot of ways to improve the speed of WordPress and I am modifying it, but since image optimization alone can improve a lot, please refer to the explanation above to proceed with the optimization.

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