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When you run a site or blog, if it is written incorrectly or if the content is no longer needed, the deleted a post. If it is not processed quickly, it will remain in the search engine and a 404 error will occur in the Google console. .

In the case of me, I was using the Yoast Seo plugin, but when I asked about the processing method after deleting a post, I did not set it to 410 but set it to 310, so I took a few days to find out how to deal with the problem by creating an incorrect redirect.

For those of you who are wondering whether or not there is a problem with the site after deleting a post, I will summarize what I have found.

1. Is the 404 error a bad thing?


The 404 error is a status code indicating a non-existent page when a post is deleted, which informs visitors and search engines that this post does not exist.

Redirecting is recommended because it is bad for SEO that a 404 error occurs when viewing articles from overseas users.

So, I installed a 404-only plugin and set it to be automatically redirected when a post is deleted.

However, this plug-in caused a problem. I deleted the post, but it still remained in search engines.

The reason is that we need to tell search engines that the page doesn’t exist by returning a 404, but the redirection was taking it as an undeleted page.

So, I deleted the plugin and returned the existing redirect as 404, and now it is slowly disappearing from search engines.

However, there was a part I was worried about. If a 404 error occurs, it might have a negative effect on SEO. As a result of searching the Google Help Center, it was said that returning a 404 error does not affect the search performance of the site.

Instead of redirecting to the wrong page to handle the 404 error, it was better to tell the search engines to recognize it. If you are still worried, please take a look at the customer center and consider how to deal with it.

2. When will it disappear from search engines?


I was also curious about this part. This is because even after the post was deleted, it remained if you found it in search engines.

So, as a result of searching the post in the customer center, if the status code is returned as 404 (not found) or 410 (deleted), it will continue to crawl for a while, but the frequency will gradually decrease. Was that the error indication disappeared.

In the case of me, the posts deleted on Naver disappeared faster than Google, and Google is still working on it.

3. How to delete a post?


It would be nice to quickly delete posts from search engines, but it’s often not so, so there will be people who want to speed up the posting of those posts.

In this case, if you delete old content or use the delete function in Google Search Console, it will be deleted in a day or two.

When using this feature, there are conditions, but the page must be returning a 404 or 410 status code. And since crawling doesn’t stop, if the status code changes, it can be re-exposed to search.

I am seeing an increase in visitors again after changing the status code because the number of visitors has decreased due to the wrong redirect.

In order not to make a mistake like me, check the status code carefully when using a plugin with a redirect function, and since the time when the deletion is applied varies depending on the search engine, please wait long enough before checking the status.

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