Updraftplus plugin to backup WordPress

If you install plugins or modify important files while running WordPress, your data may be deleted or your site may not function properly. In this case, if you do not have a backup wordpress, you may lose your data as it is, so it is recommended to back up WordPress on a regular basis.

The best way to do this is to back up the entire site from a hosting company, but automatic backup wordpress are often incurred in addition to the amount of money, so if you use the Updraftplus plugin, which allows you to back up your data for free, you can back up your data regularly. can.

1. Main function

backup WordPress

The main function of Updraftplus backup plug-in is to back up all WordPress files and data, and you can perform the backup at a desired time through schedule setting.

And when the backup is done, it is organized into a list and can be restored right away with the click of a button.

2. Installation

backup WordPress

Updraftplus backup wordpress plugin installation is easy to find and install if you search for new plugins in the WordPress admin page.

It is used by so many people that more than 2 million people have installed and used it, and it is version compatible, so you can use it safely.

3. Restore WordPress backup

backup WordPress

Installing the plugin and entering the settings page can seem complicated, but once you know how to use it, it’s not that difficult.

First, if you click the <Backup Now> button on the top, in the default setting, a WordPress backup file will be created in the site storage space.

backup WordPress

When you create a backup, a list will appear at the bottom. Here, you can restore individual databases, plugins, themes, upload files, etc. If you click the Restore button, you can restore the whole.

It is a great advantage to be able to restore individually, but if an image file is deleted or broken, you only need to restore the uploaded file instead of restoring the entire image, which saves time and requires reworking other parts that have been modified or added. Because there is no.

4. Backup schedule

backup WordPress

You can do the backup yourself, but you can let the backup proceed automatically. If you enter the settings from the top menu, you can set the file and database backup cycle at the top. Here, you can set the backup cycle from 2 hours to weekly or monthly.

While the WordPress backup is in progress, it is not recommended to perform a backup too fast, as the site may slow down.

5. Storage place

backup WordPress

When you perform backup wordpress, files are created in the designated storage space. If you save them on your own server, the cost may increase due to the large capacity. So, you can save the backup file on an external storage space as shown above.

The most used place is Google Drive, which is a storage space that can be used with only a Google ID, so if you set it after accepting access permission, you can conveniently backup without worrying about server overload.

There are many ways to backup WordPress through the plugin introduced above, but it can be said that it is safest to use the backup method provided by the hosting company.

This is because sometimes, a backup was performed with a plug-in and an error occurred and restoration could not be performed properly. I’ve also experienced this part, and when I see it on a foreign community site, I can see articles saying that there was an error problem.

In the case of installing plug-ins or modifying system files that can have a big impact on the site, make modifications after backing up the hosting company, and install the plug-in on the top to store the data on a regular basis. Will be.

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