Takahashi Jury Graduation Performance Confirmed Korea Debut Closes

“AKB Official Blog Takahashi Jury Graduation Performance Schedule Announcement”

Produce 48 gained great popularity as a program in which Korean and Japanese trainees competed and selected 12 members, but fans of the members who were not selected as debut members wanted to make their debut by creating a new girl group.

But that wish becomes a reality, and Kim Do-a, who was a member of the group, will announce the news of his debut with Panatics, Hae-yoon Park with Cherry Bullet, and Si-Hyun Kim with Everglow.

However, Japanese members had already made their debut in Japan and were a part of it, so they thought it would be difficult to make their debut in Korea.Juri Takahashi announced that he signed a contract with Woollim Entertainment along with his graduation announcement during the performance, making it the number one real-time search word between Korea and Japan. It’s possible.

Takahashi Jury

Source: Takahashi Jury Twitter

Japanese fans are shocked because they were unexpected members, but they responded that they did not understand that Juri Takahashi, who is the captain of the team and who is at the top of the general election, is making his debut in Korea, which can be called a new challenge.

When the news of Korea’s debut is hot in both Korea and Japan, the news that Miyu Takeuchi signed a contract with Mystic will be delivered. Takeuchi Miyu is preparing for a live performance in a concert hall reserved for trainees after signing with Mystic.

In addition, when summarizing the news of the appearance of Japanese members in Korea, Miho Miyazaki confirmed the appearance of a program called Japan Travel, which even Japanese people do not know, and Eri Chiba is said to appear in a study abroad girl program.

As the surprise announcement continues, there is also a reaction that if Japanese members make a major announcement, they are caught in a situation that is not if they enter into the expectation that it is news of their Korean debut.

Takahashi Jury is working on the rest of Japan’s schedule after the contract with Woolim. The last broadcast of <Mirai Monster >, who was recently in charge of MC, and yesterday announced the schedule of the Takahashi Jury graduation performance on AKB’s official blog.

According to the contents, the schedule for the graduation performance at AKB48 Theater of Juri Takahashi, who announced his graduation, was decided on May 2nd, and the final schedule for the handshake event was also held on May 6th. When all Japanese schedules are completed, they will move to Korea and prepare for their debut.

Since it is the agency of Lovelyz, the debut song is expected to sing a song with a bright feeling rather than a girl-crush song. I’m looking forward to getting closer.

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