Ji-min Han is a Wednesday-Thursday drama that tells the romance of spring in May.

“Ji-min Han shows off a faint melodrama as a spring night drama.”

Actor Ji-min Han released a still cut of’Spring Night’ scheduled to air in May on Instagram. The spring night, which will show the story of a realistic relationship, is an MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama made by director Ahn Pan-seok and author Kim Eun, who directed’A Pretty Sister Who Buys Good Food’, and the first broadcast is scheduled on May 22.

Spring Night is a drama that depicts the story of a long-time lover and marriage as the reality approaches, and it is a faint melodrama suitable for spring.

Ji-min Han is a library librarian, Lee Jeong-in, who shows a woman in her 30s with a clear conviction, while the other actor, Jeong Hae-in, plays the role of a pharmacist Ji-ho Ji and is raising expectations as a visual couple.

In the interview, spring night is a drama that everyone feels excited when spring comes. At some point, it is a drama that shows the feelings of meeting a new person. He said he had a lot of expectations.

Ji-min han

Source: Han Jimin Instagram

In the photo above, the left is a picture of daily life taken in Jeju-do rape blossoms, and the right is a still-cut on a spring night, and the emotions Han Ji-min and Lee Jung-in in the drama, who smile brightly on a trip to Jeju Island, can be seen in contrast.

Spring night is not a drama depicting a splendid romance as seen in a still cut, but it is expected that it will show the feeling of love experienced in a real relationship.

When Han Ji-min posted a still cut on Instagram, fans are showing interesting reactions such as “Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring,”, “Ji-min Han, fighting on a spring night.” Spring night is currently filming, and you can see interviews and making videos on Naver TV’s Spring Night official channel.

As spring nights are made up of people who make box office hits, directors, writers, and actors, we are looking forward to seeing the romance of spring on May 22nd.

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