Chinese version of Produce 101, a girl who made her debut in China, is controversial about plagiarism

“Chinese fans of Hwajeon girls who debuted in China’s Produce 101 file plagiarism”

Space Girls is a group created by a joint venture between Yue Hua, a Chinese agency, and Starship in Korea, and includes three Chinese members. While doing activities in China, Chinese members Goodwill and Migi appeared in Produce 101 for Chinese version, ranking first and second, and starting their activities under the name of <Hwajeon Girl>.

However, there is a situation in which a dispute between the agency and a space girl is being conducted, and a lawsuit has been reached.

Although it was decided as a parallel activity, it is very difficult to work in both countries, so Chinese members will not be able to participate in the recent space girl album. Fans are sorry for this situation and worry that if Chinese members become popular, they may become a so-called pigeon. (Since there was a departure of Chinese members from the EXO case, concerns were further amplified.)

Because it was composed of members who gained great popularity through Chinese broadcasting, there was more controversy in China than in Korea, but the plagiarism controversy became known as a tip of Chinese netizens. It also ranks first in China’s search terms.

The agency has not officially answered this issue yet, so let’s see what part of the Chinese version of Produce 101 was controversial about the Hwajeon girl who made her debut.

1. Cover plagiarism controversy

Produce 101

The left is the cover photo of F(X) and the right is the cover photo of the Hwajeon girl. You can read that there may be similar parts because it follows the fashion, but if you look at the design above, you can say that the overall layout is the same so that it can only be said that it was followed.

In particular, the color selection was too same to say that it was only for reference, so it was inevitably controversial about plagiarism.

Produce 101

The left is Twice and the right is the Hwajeon girl. This cover photo was also a controversial part of plagiarism. When it comes to the concept, it has been controversial in that it is almost identical. The plagiarism controversy over such cover photos in China continued. In particular, there are reactions that this Hwajeon Girl is also because the groups that debuted in the Chinese version of Produce 101 had such controversy.

When I saw the debut stage, I was criticized that the concept wasn’t right, the dance wasn’t right, and the songs were also gathered here and there.

It is believed that more controversy has arisen as the agency that managed the actor managed the girl group for the first time through the Chinese version of Produce 101. You can check the video on YouTube.

However, if you watch the music videos and performances that come out later, you can see them improve. Still, comparing the performances of goodwill and Migi shown in Space Girls, Chinese netizens say that it is a waste of talent.

Produce 101

2. Music video plagiarism controversy

Produce 101

Produce 101

When watching the born to win music video on the album released on October 11, Chinese netizens said that they followed FX and Red Velvet’s music video.

The concept and costumes appearing in the middle of the music video are similar, but when you see the Hwajeon girl, you can see that the concept from the costumes is similar to that of the domestic group. As K-POP becomes a global craze, it feels similar, but this seems to amplify the controversy over plagiarism.

This plagiarism controversy has existed since before the debut, but since the controversy continued from whether the Chinese version of Produce 101 was purchased and broadcast to the plagiarism of the contests, it seems that such controversy continues even after the debut.

It is a Hwajeon girl who started out with various negative factors such as conflict between management companies, controversy about plagiarism, and the quality of the album, but you can see that she is doing a lot of activities. (If you view the official Twitter, you can see various activities.)

This is in contrast to the fact that the groups that made their debut in China’s survival program disappeared after a long period of inactivity.

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