Russian beauty called Angelina Danilova ‘Goddess’

Angelina Danilova Born in Russia, she is currently 21 years old (born December 28, 1996). It started to be known as Instagram, and as Korean fans emerged, I am now doing various activities in Korea. Babel 250, which was broadcast on Tvn, became more popular. Babel 250 is a project called global common language production by men and women from 7 countries speaking 7 different languages, and there were more fans here. I am also active as a beauty model and I am also developing an actor’s dream while working as an actor.

In the meantime, while studying acting, he worked as a short actor, but recently made his debut in a movie while playing the role of Cinderella in a new fairy tale that was released in 2018. The box office wasn’t very good, but as I made my debut as a supporting actor, I think I can see it in various works in the future.

1. Angelina Danilova

Angelina Danilova

Basically, in Korea, I mainly do model activities, and I continue to prepare for activities as an actor. And I also appeared in variety shows. Girls’ diary single white paper and Babel 250 gained more popularity and appeared in various entertainment shows. Also, I do YouTube activities, and there are 100,000 subscribers, and they are updated regularly, and they introduce daily life and activities. Instagram, who has made her known, is also constantly updated, so you can meet Angelina Danilova, who is so pretty like the photo above.

Because English, Russian, and Korean are spoken on YouTube, it is gaining popularity not only from Korean fans but also from around the world. When I look at the comments, I can see Koreans, but I also see a lot of Russians.

▶ YouTube Channel

▶ Instagram

Angelina Danilova

Because the modifier’Elfra’ shows a good-looking beauty, I started working in Korea by capturing the hearts of Korean men with photos on Instagram. I’m still studying Korean and I like Korean food, so I can watch them wrap wrappers or eat ramen on TV.

If you search for <Angelina Danilova> on Naver, you can view from the current broadcast to the previous broadcast through Naver TV. Click here to see the search results.

2. Game promotion model (the story of the five kingdoms)

Various auditions are also being watched continuously, and it has also appeared in the music video (Han-Year-EYESCREAM, Eddy Kim-Kum-kwang). I was active as a game model, but in the story of the Five Kingdoms, which was released in 2017, she showed a beautiful figure and became a game promotion model. Let me show you Angelina Danilova in the story of the Five Kingdoms.

Angelina Danilova

3. Cosmetics advertisement

In 2017, various advertisements will be filmed, among which cosmetic advertisements that fit the image of a goddess will also be filmed. XYZ Formula Company appeared in the moisturizing cream and moisturizing test dryer section, but it is an advertisement known as a unique concept because bread appears in cosmetics advertisements. And in Banila co products, you will also be shooting a cosmetic advertisement called a boosting cream.

Angelina Danilova

In Russia, I was told that it was a normal face, not a beautiful woman, so I heard that it is not a normal face when I read an article by a person living in Russia. Since he is 176cm tall, a beautiful doll that Koreans like, and is still young, I look forward to many activities as an actor and model in the future.

4. Korean Foreigners (MBC Every1) 2018

Angelina Danilova

After filming, I was able to confirm on Instagram that I took a break back to Russia. This program is an entertainment show in which 10 <Korean Foreigners> who are more Koreans than Koreans from their 3rd to 30th year of living in Korea and Korean stars compete in a quiz. We have a confrontation.

The quiz shows a degree of difficulty that can be solved if you know about Korea to some extent, and it is mainly about getting to know Korea along with conversations rather than having to fit it tightly as it is an entertainment. Because it is located in the first stage and has excellent beauty, the amount of broadcast is large. Both stages 1 and 2 are composed of outstanding beauties, and we are in charge of beauty with a Japanese person named Moekara who is mainly in stage 2.

5. Balls One advertising model

Angelina Danilova

Angelina Danilova has been selected as a new model for the premium air freshener Grass Diffuser for Bullsone vehicles. This advertisement is said to be released simultaneously on various places such as TV, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on September 4.

Since it has appeared in various pictorials, advertisements, and entertainment, it has been receiving love calls from companies, and an official from Bulls1 revealed that the model was selected because it fits well with Angelina’s fascinating image and the luxurious and trendy scent of Grass Diffuser .

7.7 Billion of Love, Korean Foreigners, Korea Tourism Organization, Shinhan Card, Mysterious Animal Quiz, showing good appearances and doing a variety of activities, the appearance of the upcoming ‘1 Million Love Mark’ mbn entertainment was confirmed.

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