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Until now, I made a map of the countries, but this time I made a Seoul map, which can be said to be the center of the Republic of Korea. Maps of countries are used when traveling to the country or explaining things like history, so there aren’t many people looking for them, but the Seoul map is also the capital of our country and a lot of things happen, so it will be very useful.

Seoul is a representative city where about 18% of the population of the Republic of Korea live, and is made up of 25 autonomous districts. Because there are so many people, the population density is high, but it can be said to be higher than Tokyo in Japan and New York in the United States, which can be called large cities.

Because it was known for its high population density, I thought it was high in the world as well. The first place is Chennai, India, the second place is Dhaka, Bangladesh, the third place is Kolkada, India, the fourth place is Mumbai, India, the fifth place is Cairo, Egypt, and Seoul is 6th. Occupies the top.

The color that symbolizes Seoul is dancheong red, the flower is forsythia, the tree is ginkgo, and the bird is a magpie. Gyeonggi and Seoul account for about half of Korea’s gross domestic product (GRDP), and Seoul is about 404 trillion won as of 2019.

If you can learn about Seoul and talk about maps, there was no color map different from the maps made recently because it was made at the time of the first production of the map.

So while I was writing additional articles, I made a new color map and expanded it into 5 types. All of them can be downloaded as compressed files by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom.

The program I used is an illustrator, and when I added color, I used Photoshop. The size I worked on was made large in A3, so it can be used for various purposes.

1. Seoul Map

seoul map

The map above is the Seoul map created this time. If the previously created map is made in one color, the above map uses colors to make it easier to distinguish regions.

The color is as good as it looks, so it would be great to attach it to a blog or site to provide information. The size is also A3, so it’s great for printing and pasting, and for those who want to edit the map, it’s great for zooming in and working.

2. Basic Seoul Map

seoul map

It was made similar to the existing map, but it is not a detailed map, but a simple map that allows you to know the area. The terrain color is marked in green, and because the Han River flows in the middle, that part is also marked.

Region names are displayed in Korean and English by referring to Wikipedia so that people who want to know will not find them again. I made it with a white border, but there will be some people who will make corrections, so I worked on it while checking all the breaks of the lines.

3. Black and white Map

seoul map

I also made a black and white map for those who would like to print and use it. For those who print in large quantities, ink consumption can be reduced, and colored maps can be seen well if they are not printed properly. The above map is black and white, so you will see it well when you print it.

Since there is no color, it is good to use while marking after printing. It is also convenient to remove text, so you will be able to work comfortably when adding additional information.

Some people like to have colors, but in the case of me, like the above map, I want a map type that can be seen and corrected because there is no color, so I am making additional maps when creating a map.

4. Contour Seoul Map

seoul map

This is a good outline map for adding information such as statistics, itineraries, etc. to mark regions in different languages ​​using a graphics program like Photoshop or Photoshop.

For those of you who know how to use the program, creating a frame may not be difficult, but using the map above will save you time.

Like the Seoul National University map introduced above, it will be useful for those who want to create a map with various information about Seoul. Especially, if you use it to provide information about Seoul, such as travel reviews, exhibitions, and concerts, you will be able to work quickly.

All of the above Seoul map types are made as compressed files, and you can download them all by clicking Google Drive below. In addition, since we have made maps for various countries, please go to the map category from the top menu and download the map you need for free.

※ Go to [Google Drive] and click the download button on the top right to download the map.

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