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Following the map of London in England, this time I created a New York City map located in New York State. New York is a city that is so famous that everyone knows, and the map is not a detailed map, but a simple map that allows you to see administrative districts at a glance.

New York City has an area of ​​777.95 km², which is 141,300 km² in New York State, which makes it a big city for us, but it doesn’t occupy a large area in the state as a whole. With a population of 8,622,357, it is also known as a city in the United States, making it the largest city.

It is not high compared to Seoul, but it has a very high population density, which is 7,190 people/km² as of 2020. Even if you look at New York’s slogan The City that Never Sleeps, it can be said to be the center of the United States, and it is a city well-known in Korea as it is said to be a New Yorker.

The time difference from Korea is about 14 hours, and the GDP of New York City is $842.3 billion, and the statewide GDP is $1.665 trillion. New York is the largest city in the United States, one of the world’s top financial centers, and a place with great influence, controlling 40% of the world’s finances.

There are many headquarters of global conglomerates, and representative companies are Google, Amazon, and Facebook. New York can be said to be a city where the best fields are concentrated, and there are many companies in the fields such as finance, fashion, music, etc. that lead culture, and there are many related experts.

Divided into districts, Manhattan is the largest commercial district in the United States, with high-rise buildings and the Wall Street New York Stock Exchange. Staten Island, located to the south, is a quiet place compared to Manhattan, with a lot of residential spaces with no special sights.

The Bronx is by the seaside and is home to the New York Yankees Stadium, making it a popular tourist destination and known as a center for black music. Queens is home to Guro LaGuardia Airport and JFK International Airport in the eastern part, and is home to many famous universities.

Brooklyn is the most populous city in New York State and is the most densely populated area after Manhattan. Some of the top attractions in New York include Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, and The High Line.

The climate has four seasons similar to that of Korea. When I learned about New York City and talked about the map, I tried to make New York State first, and then because it is the most famous city, I made it first.

The program I used is an illustrator, and when I added color, I used Photoshop. I did not create only one, but made three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps so that they can be used for various purposes.

All maps can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom of the map. Then I’ll show you the New York City map we created.

1. New York City Map

New York City Map

This is the New York City map created this time. When I first made it, I was confused with New York State because I didn’t know well, but because there are so many data, I was able to quickly separate it. Since there is an island, I thought it would have a very complex terrain, but it was surprisingly simple and it was not difficult to do the work.

Colors are used to identify regions, so it’s easy to separate the spheres, and there are colors, so it’s a great place to write information about New York on a blog or site. The size is also large, so even if you print it, you can see the text and upload it to the Internet as you can see above.

The image above is 900 size, but if you click Google Drive at the bottom, you can download a larger image.

2. Basic New York City Map

New York City Map

Next is the basic map with the colors removed for the division of the region. Since the color has been removed, you can save color ink when printing, and you can use it while writing after printing, so you will find it useful.

And when uploading to a blog or site, local names will be more visible than colored ones. This is a New York City map that makes it easy to change colors, especially when working with graphics.

3. Contour New York City Map

New York City Map

Finally, this is a New York City map with all colors and region names removed. Since there is no color, it can be printed in large quantities, and it would be great to use when creating maps with your own information as a graphic work.

Since we have also checked all the breaks of the lines, there is no need to do any additional work when adding color, and since I was working with an illustrator, even if I enlarged it, it wouldn’t break significantly. In addition to the New York City map, we have created various country and city maps, so please refer to the map categories above to download what you need.

※ You can download the map above by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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