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Following the South American map of Brazil, this time I moved to Europe and made a Poland map. It is one of the countries where it was really easy to work with because the terrain was smooth and there were no islands.

Before making the map, I didn’t know if it had a big land because I didn’t know much about Poland’s topography, but when I made it, I found it really big. The way I work is the same as I’ve done so far, and one added thing is that some people want a color-coded map, so I added it.

I used an illustrator program that I don’t usually use often to create a map, and now I’ve gotten too used to it.

So, if there is anything that can be made with an illustrator as well as a map, I will make it and distribute the material. Then, I’ll show you the Poland map we created this time.

1. Poland Map

poland map

There are some people who want a map that divides the regions by color, so I imported a frame made with Illustrator into Photoshop and added color. If you look at the terrain, you’ll find that it wasn’t complicated and it wasn’t difficult to work with.

You will see that the regional mark is marked in English as well as Polish as well as Korean. The reason I did this is because I marked what appeared when I searched for a region on Google Maps, so I thought it was official and marked it for reference.

The working size is A3, so if you download it as text that is difficult to see in the image shown above, you will see it well.

2. Basic Poland Map

poland map

This is a Poland map created in the traditional way. There are some who want to color the area division, but as you can see above, I created this because some want an existing map with only a white background and a color for the terrain.

The text looks good and has a simple look different from the color of the regional division. So, it is good for adding additional information, so it will be good for those who want to work with additional graphics.

3. Contour Poland Map

poland map

Finally, this is an outlined map with all colors and text removed. This is a Poland map for those who want to work with graphics, and since we have confirmed that all lines are broken, it will be convenient to add color with a graphic program such as Photoshop.

Since various maps as well as Poland map have been removed, those who provide information through maps are encouraged to see the map category at the top and download and use the ones you want.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button in the upper right corner.

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