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Following the map of Sri Lanka, this time I made a Bolivia map, which is located in South America. Like the method I made before, it was produced in A3 size, and the program I used was an illustrator.

It was produced in various types, but it is possible to find one that suits the purpose of use by making it in four types: map, basic, black and white, and outlines that are divided into regions by color.

Basically, it can be downloaded and used for free, and if you do not redistribute the original, there are no restrictions on use. I’m going to show you a Bolivia map that doesn’t take long to create because the terrain isn’t that difficult.

1. Bolivia Map

bolivia map

This is the Bolivia map to be produced this time. Previously, we didn’t use a lot of colors, but recently, we are making a map that divides regions by color.

After creating all the basic frames in Illustrator, I added colors using a Photoshop program, but there was a phenomenon in which the lines overlap the colors, so I added lines again in Illustrator.

Since the regions are separated by color, it would be great to use when providing country information on a blog or site. The font was used as Nanum Gothic, which can be used for free.

2. Basic Bolivia Map

bolivia map

This is a Bolivia map made the way it was created until recently. Before making a color map, I made it as above. The reason is that I was trying to make a simple map, but there are people who want a color map, so I added it recently.

Since the use of the line was used only for regional division purposes, it showed a simpler look, and a little shadow effect was added to make it easier to distinguish the terrain.

The regions are marked in Korean and English, and the capital city is marked with a red star to help you find it quickly.

3. Contour Bolivia Map

bolivia map

Finally, this is a contour map with all elements removed. Since there are only lines, it is a good Bolivia map for those who want to add color or text that they want through graphic work.

Area maps on all terrain are seamlessly connected so you won’t have to do extra work when adding colors. I have introduced a total of 4 Bolivia map. I hope that you download the one that suits your purpose and use it usefully.

Since we have made various maps besides the above map, please click the map category at the top to download the map of the country you want.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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