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Recently, I have been making a map mainly for the European region, but this time I made a Austria map famous for the Alps. My work program is an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color.

Austria is the 96th country in the world with a population of 9 million, with a GDP of $455.7 billion, the 27th country in the world, showing stable growth in the steel, metalworking and machinery industries.

There is also the Alps that many people remember when talking about Austria, but you will know more about Vienna’s capital. You travel a lot in our country, but because it is located in the center of Europe, some people stay for a while when transiting other countries.

And for those who are interested in music, this country is also known as the Bean Boys Choir. Then, I will introduce three Austria map: a color map, a basic map, and an outline map.

1. Austria Map

austria map

This is the Austria map created this time. The name of the region is marked by referring to Wikipedia, so I don’t think there will be any mistakes.

The local representation is also written in Korean and English, so you don’t need to check it again, and you won’t be broken even if you print or enlarge it in A3 size.

Also, since it is located in the center of Europe, there are many countries facing borders, but it was marked so that you can know which country it is adjacent to.

2. Basic Austria Map

austria map

There are many people who want a map with regional divisions in color, but some people don’t like it because the text is hard to see because it contains colors, or because it contains a lot of ink when printing.

So this is a Austria map with the terrain in white. Because it has a white background, the text is clearly visible and there is a margin when printed, so it will be great to use while writing.

And the above map will be more convenient to add color or information you want with a graphic program.

3. Contour Austria Map

austria map

Finally, this is the Austria map with both color and text removed. There is only an outline, but I have checked all the line breaks, so if you add color, there will be no problem of adding color to other areas.

This map is the most sought after by graphic program users. Using a program such as Photoshop, you can use a program like Photoshop to color the background to the area and add information.

Austria is a country that travels a lot in our country, so it can be useful when writing travel reviews or providing country information.

We are constantly making maps, so if you want maps from other countries, please check the map categories in the top menu.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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