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I made a map mainly in Europe, but this time I made a Paraguay map, which is located in South America. I didn’t know much about Paraguay, but when it was mentioned on the YouTube history channel, I got to know more.

So, while trying to make a European country, I came up with a Paraguay map. As before, it was made large in A3 size, and it was made in three types: color map, basic map, and outline map.

I created the terrain with Illustrator, and added color with Photoshop. The work took a little longer than in other countries, but the Parana River, located in the south, was simply marked, but as I tried to make it easier to add colors, it took time.

1. Paraguay Map

paraguay map

This is the Paraguay map created this time. It is a map that divides the regions by color, and the regions are marked in Korean and English, and are marked by referring to Wikipedia’s administration.

The Parana River does not include an outline so that it can be distinguished from the terrain, and the color is desaturated rather than the primary color to make the text more visible.

The neighboring countries of Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia may seem complicated, so we have only displayed text without regional distinction. Since the capital Asuncion is small, it was marked with a star in the past, but this time it is only classified by color.

2. Basic Paraguay Map

paraguay map

The next most popular map type is the color-coded map. The presence of color is great for posting on your site or blog, but when printed, it can be ink intensive and text is difficult to see.

That is why it is a map type that makes the terrain white, so the text is well visible and there is a margin when printing, so it is also good for handwriting. And if you need to modify it with a graphic program, you can do it comfortably.

3. Contour Paraguay Map

paraguay map

Finally, this is the map type outline map most sought after by those who want to work with graphics. The background and regional color were removed, and the Parana River did not remove the color so that it could be distinguished.

Because the lines are seamless, if you specify the area with a Photoshop program, you can add color without any additional work, and because there is no color, it will be good to add information.

I introduced the Paraguay map created this time. Since it is made in three types, you can download it and use the one that suits your purpose.

Since we made maps not only for Paraguay but also for various countries, please enter the map category from the top menu and download the one you want.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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