Iraq map 3 types free download

I made maps of various regions I made so far, but I made many European and Asian countries, but the Middle East had not made so far, so I started making a Iraq map this time starting with Oman.

Because of the war in Iraq, if you are studying history or delivering information, you will need a map, but it is not a detailed map, but it will be helpful because you can grasp the topography and regions at a glance.

Especially for those who want to add information to the map with a graphic program, you can work more comfortably by using the basic map or outline map introduced below.

The program I used to make the map is an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color. And because it’s made in A3 size, it won’t break even if you print or enlarge it.

1. Iraq Map

iraq map

Iraq is not as small as the 57th in the world, and has a population of 42.22 million, ranking 36th in the world.

The economy is in a difficult situation in terms of war and lack of infrastructure, but since it is home to oil, it ranks 49th in the world with a GDP of 234 billion dollars.

If you look at the map, it will be nice to use it on your site or blog because it’s a good way to distinguish it because we added color to the area. The name of the region was written in Korean and English, and Wikipedia was referenced.

Surrounding countries Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Turkey are located, and this part is also marked so that you can know it. The capital Baghdad has been marked with a star-shaped icon so you can find it right away.

2. Basic Iraq Map

iraq map

A colored map looks good, but if you print or upload a small one, the text may be difficult to see. So I made a Iraq map with the terrain in white.

Since the terrain is white, it is good to use while writing, and it will be convenient to insert the color or information you want with a graphic program.

3. Contour Iraq Map

iraq map

Finally, it is an outline map with all the letters removed from the color. Using a graphic program such as Photoshop, it is a good map for those who want to display country information or war history, and I worked by checking all the lines to see if there are any breaks in the lines.

Since it is made in A3 size, it can be used for a variety of purposes. The Iraq map introduced above is uploaded to Google Drive as a compressed file, so please click below to download.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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