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There are so many countries in Europe, so there will be many people who do not know well except for representative ones. As I started making maps, there are a lot of places I came to know. Among them, I made a North Macedonia map.

North Macedonia is a country located in northern Greece, between Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria. It is a country that is not well known, but those who study European history will probably know it.

In the past, maps may have been marked as Macedonian, but the country name has been changed to North Macedonia since January 2019. If you look at the world map, you can see that the area is small, and it ranks 147th in the world.

The population is not so large that it ranks 147th with 2.08 million people. GDP is $12.6 billion, which has suffered a lot since the collapse of the Yugoslavia, but it is showing steady growth now.

This is the amount of information on North Macedonia, and I will introduce the map we made this time.

1. North Macedonia Map

macedonia map

This is the map of North Macedonia created this time. The name of the region is in Korean and English, and the lake is added in different colors.

The program I used for the production was an illustrator, and the color addition was done in Photoshop. It will not be broken even if it is made in A3 and printed or enlarged on a monitor.

Since the color is CMYK for printing, it will be printed close to the color shown above. The map above is colored, so it will be a good place to use it on your blog or site.

2. Basic Macedonia Map

macedonia map

Unlike a color-divided map, it is marked in white. If there is color, it looks good, but the name of the region may be difficult to see, and when printing, it takes a lot of ink.

So, the map made the topography in white makes it easy to see the name of the area and identify the lake. Since all the separation lines are made seamless, it will be easy to fill with any color you want with a program like Photoshop.

3. Contour Macedonia Map

macedonia map

The basic map introduced above is also convenient for graphic work, but it has a background color and a region name, so if you want to add your own information, there is an inconvenience that should be removed.

So, since all elements have been removed with the created outline map, it will be convenient to add desired colors or information using a graphic program.

The map can be downloaded for free by clicking Google Drive below, and there are maps of other countries in addition to the North Macedonia map, so please click the map category from the top menu.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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