Costa Rica Map A3 Size Free Download

Following the Uruguay map, this time I created a Costa Rica map, which is located in South America. Costa Rica is a country that is not well known in Korea as it can be said to be located at the point that connects North and South America.

The reason I got to know Costa Rica was during a football friendly match with Korea. I thought it might be a country located in Europe, but after looking at the location, I learned that it is South America.

Costa Rica is a country between Nicaragua and Panama, and if you look at the map, it is a country that is like a bridge between North and South America. The territory is small with 127th place in the world, and the world’s 121th place with a population of 5.09 million.

The GDP, which shows the economic situation, is 61.7 billion dollars, ranking 75th in the world. It is a transit area for drugs crossing to North America and Europe, and it can be said that the security is unstable due to weak military power that is said to be a police rather than an army.

Drugs and corruption in South American countries are rampant, making them a lot of trouble, but in Central America they are among the wealthiest countries. The main exports are agricultural products such as coffee, bananas, sugar cane and pineapple.

Although diplomatic relations are established with Korea, there are no direct flights, so if you want to go, you have to go through another country. If you look at the country and map this much, the program used is an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add color.

Not only one type was created, but three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps were made for various purposes.

1. Costa Rica Map

costa rica map

This is the shape of the Costa Rica map created this time, with regional divisions in color. Region names are written in Korean and English referring to Wikipedia, and neighboring countries such as Panama and Nicaragua are also marked.

If you look at the area, you can see the state of Puntarenas is long. If it is not a color map, it is difficult to distinguish this, so if you are providing local information, it is recommended to use the map above.

Because it has color, it is okay to post it as a reference material on blogs or sites, and since it is made in A3 size, it will not break even if you print it or enlarge it on a monitor.

2. Basic Costa Rica Map

costa rica map

This is the base map following the color map It’s not color-coded, so it’s good to look at, and it’s easy to classify regions, but if you print it, it may take a lot of ink and make it difficult to see.

So, since the topography is displayed in white by removing the color used to classify the region, it is good to use while writing while writing if you can see the text well and print it.

And if you upload a Costa Rica map to a blog or site in a smaller size, the text will be more visible.

3. Contour Costa Rica Map

costa rica map

Finally, if you want to add a variety of information using a graphics program such as Photoshop, you may need to remove the two types of maps introduced above.

So, I created an outline map with everything from color to text removed. The lines are all seamless, so it’s good to add color, and the white background makes it easy to add information.

Costa Rica map can be downloaded for free and there are no restrictions on use unless you redistribute the original.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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