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Following the map of Costa Rica, this time I made a Kazakhstan map. It is a country that spans Central Asia and Eastern Europe and is located just north of the recently created Uzbekistan and boasts a large territory.

The language is Kazakh, the national language, and Russian, the official language. The political system adopts the presidential system, and as for religion, Islam is 70% and Christianity is 20%, which can be said to be an Islamic state.

It is said to boast a large territory, but it is the ninth in the world, a little smaller than India, and has a population of 18.77 million, which is the 64th in the world. It is ranked 53rd in the world, with an estimated GDP of 181 billion dollars. Since independence from the Soviet Union, there have been difficulties, but since it is an oil-producing country, it shows a stable economic situation compared to neighboring countries.

However, it is greatly affected by the decline in oil prices, a problem that oil producing countries face. Geographically, it is a landlocked country, adjacent to China, Russia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

Since the geography is not complicated, I did not have a lot of difficulty when creating the map, and the program used was an illustrator framed and color was added using Photoshop.

As we have made so far, we made three types of maps: color maps, basic maps, and outline maps.

1. Kazakhstan Map

kazakhstan map

This is the shape of the Kazakhstan map created this time. Region names are marked in Korean and English referring to Wikipedia, and important lakes are also marked in color.

Nursutal, the capital city of Akmoola Province, uses a star icon to help you find it right away, and neighboring countries Russia, China, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan are also marked so that you can see which country you are in.

As before, the size is made in A3 size and will not be broken when printing or posting on a blog or site.

2. Basic Kazakhstan Map

kazakhstan map

Colors are used to distinguish regions, so they look good and are good for posting on blogs or sites. However, when printing, it takes a lot of ink, and depending on the print quality, the text may be difficult to see.

That’s why you can save ink if you can see the text clearly and print it with a basic map made of white terrain. Especially, if you are using it while writing after printing, it will be comfortable because there is a white margin.

3. Contour Kazakhstan Map

kazakhstan map

Finally, this is a good outline map for those who want to add their own color or information using a graphics program like Photoshop. I tried to leave only the terrain, but I didn’t remove it because the lake is also important to the terrain.

Since I worked while checking all the lines to be broken, I don’t need to do additional work to connect the lines, and since I made it with an illustrator, even if I zoomed in, the lines won’t break significantly.

This time, I made a Kazakhstan map, and I thought I made a map of many countries so far, but looking at Central Asia alone, I can see that there are still many.

We will continue to make maps in the future, so if you are using maps to create information, please bookmark them and download the ones you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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