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Following the Iranian map, this time I made a Kyrgyzstan map, which is located in Central Asia. As anti-government protests have spread due to the recent controversy over the election, it is a country that has appeared a lot in the news due to the voluntary resignation of the president.

As I got to know Kyrgyzstan after reading the news, I was interested in finding out and even making a map. Kyrgyzstan is a country between Uzbekistan and China, well known as a country located in Central Asia.

Due to its small territory, it is ranked 85th in the world, with a population of 6.25 million people, ranking 110th in the world. The GDP, which represents the economy, is $8.4 billion, not good enough to rank 139 in the world.

It belongs to a country without resources, but it has an economic structure that exports water to neighboring countries and imports necessary resources due to its geographical advantage with a lot of water. Since it is a country with many people who want to live a nomadic life, the industry is not developing.

Because the natural environment has not been damaged, it shows beautiful natural scenery, but due to various circumstances, the tourism industry has not been activated. It can be said that it is a country that is not known so much that I will know through the news.

The topography is not very complex and the regions are largely divided, so the map work is easier than in the country where we have been working on it recently. The program I used used Photoshop to add illustrator and color.

Not just one map, but three types: color map, basic map, and outline map.

1. Kyrgyzstan Map

kyrgyzstan map

This is the Kyrgyzstan map created this time, and the name of the region is marked in Korean and English as in the previous method, and the capital Bishkek uses a star icon so that it can be found immediately.

There are large lakes, but they are all marked without excluding, and the neighboring countries of China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan can be complex, so they are marked with only letters without creating boundaries.

The land of Uzbekistan in the province of Batket has the same color as the background so that it can be distinguished.

The size is large at A3, so it won’t break when printing or adding information with a graphics program. As much as there is color, it would be great to attach it to your blog or site.

2. Basic Kyrgyzstan Map

kyrgyzstan map

The color maps introduced above are good to look at, so they are great for posting on blogs or sites, but when printed, the print quality is poor and the text may be difficult to see.

So, it would be good for those who use the Kyrgyzstan map with the color removed for regional divisions to make the terrain white and print it to mark it, or for those who want to add additional information through a graphic program.

3. Contour Kyrgyzstan Map

kyrgyzstan map

It is a map with all colors and letters removed, except for the lake and Uzbekistan land, and has only an outline, so it will be convenient for those who want to use it while printing and taking notes, or when creating a Kyrgyzstan map with their own information using a graphic program such as Photoshop.

Since it is made in three types, it can be used for a variety of purposes. If you do not redistribute the original, there are no restrictions on use, so if you provide a variety of information through a map, please refer to the map category at the top.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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