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Following the Turkmenistan map, this time I made a Venezuela map, which is located in South America. Some of you may have known that Venezuela is the world’s number one oil reserve, while others may have come across the news due to the economic crisis.

It was a country I didn’t know about, but as it appeared on the news, I saw various news and learned. Even today, politics and economy have not stabilized and are struggling. Recently, politicians are in exile.

South American countries may not look big because they are large, but they have a territory large enough to rank 31st in the world. With a population of 28.43 million, it is ranked 50th in the world, with a GDP of $407.9 billion as of 2014 and a per capita GDP of $12,472. Fell.

As the share of oil in the economy is so high, it is a country where the economy shakes a lot due to falling oil prices. It produces a lot of oil, but the oil industry is not developing into a secondary industry due to lack of technology.

Because the country is difficult, many people are moving away from neighboring countries, and Maduro, who is currently in power, is only trying to maintain power rather than the people.

At first, when the Venezuela outbreak occurred, from the United States to Western countries to support opposition leaders, it is now a stalemate where interest has disappeared as various incidents have erupted.

The topography wasn’t very complicated, so it wasn’t difficult to create a map, but I thought about how to mark it because the division of regions was complicated, and I thought that Wikipedia would be accurate, so I made it for reference.

The program I used to make the map is an illustrator, and when I added color, I used Photoshop. The size is A3, and it is made in three types: color map, basic map, and outline map.

1. Venezuela Map

venezuela map

This is the Venezuela map created this time. The terrain is not very complicated, but when you look at the area, it looks complicated. In particular, if you look to the north, it is actually a large area, but it is small on a map, so the names are marked with lines.

The name of the region is marked in both Korean and English, and the capital city between Vargas and Miranda has a star icon so that it can be found immediately.

The neighboring countries, Brazil and Colombia, can be complex, so they are marked with only letters without creating borders. If there is no color, it is difficult to distinguish regions, so if you want to know the geography, use a color map.

2. Basic Venezuela Map

venezuela map

Colors are great for localizing and posting on blogs and sites, but when printed, they can be ink-intensive. So, this is a basic map with the colors used to classify regions removed.

Since there is no color, the text will be more visible, and it will be a convenient map to use when you need to add color to only certain areas.

3. Contour Venezuela Map

venezuela map

Finally, this is an outline map with all colors and text removed, which is great for adding additional Venezuelan information or adding any color you want.

Especially, if you want to create your own Venezuela map, you will find an outline map, so this is an additional map. Since we have checked all the breaks of the lines, there is no need to do additional work to connect the lines.

In addition to the Venezuela map, we have made maps of various countries, so if you need them, please download the ones you want from the map category above.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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