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Following the map of Nicaragua, this time I created a Guatemala map, which is located in Central America. As a country between Mexico and Honduras, it is one of the descendants of the Mayan civilization, so the Mayan population accounts for as much as 41%.

Guatemala is the world’s 105th smallest, with a population of 1791 million, ranking 66th in the world. GDP, which represents the economy, ranks 68th in the world at 77.6 billion dollars, which may seem fine compared to neighboring countries, but 52% of the total population lives in rural areas, and the gap between the rich and the poor is severe.

Due to the large agricultural population, the main export products are bananas and coffee. Police are bordered by Mexico, where drug cartels are booming, so most of them are dangerous, except for tourist destinations.

Although various industries have not developed, the Mayan ruins and Lake Atlans are popular, making it one of the Central American countries that many foreign tourists visit. In Korea, El Salvador, which has the most policing, has a travel refraining level, but Guatemala is among the best in Central America enough to be rated as a travel priority.

That doesn’t mean it’s a safe country. When I tell you about the country information and maps, I made not only one map, but three types of maps, color maps, basic maps, and outline maps, and the programs I used were illustrator and photoshop.

1. Guatemala Map

guatemala map

This is the appearance of the Guatemala map created this time. Since it is in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, it faces the sea, so I added sea color as a background to express it.

The neighboring countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico are made gray only without marking, as cities or borders can be complex. Since there are many regions in Guatemala, they are color-coded and the names of regions are marked in Korean and English.

Because it is color-coded, it is good to upload it to a blog or site and use it as a reference material because the text is clearly visible as shown above and it is good to distinguish regions.

If you are going to print and see it, it is made in A3 size, so you can print it large, and even if you print in A4 size, it will not break.

2. Basic Guatemala Map

guatemala map

Adding color is good for regionalization, but printing can be a lot of ink and can make the text difficult to see. And it is a basic map created because you may have to remove color when writing information about a specific area through graphic work.

The terrain is made white, so if you print it, you can save ink and it will be a good place to mark your own and use it to write travel reviews or country information.

When you want to display the color you want with a graphic program like Photoshop, you can easily add color because there are no breaks in the lines.

3. Contour Guatemala Map

guatemala map

Finally, this is an outline map with all text and colors removed for those who want to work with graphics. Since only gray to indicate the surrounding countries is left, there is no break in the lines, so it will be convenient to add any color or text you want with a program such as Photoshop.

Since it is made in A3 size, it is also easy to enlarge and work with. I made three types of Guatemala map, all of which are provided for free, so you can download and use the one that suits your needs.

In addition to the Guatemala map, we have made maps of various countries, so please check the map category from the top menu and download the country map you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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