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Following the map of Guatemala, this time I went to Africa and made a South Africa map. I made maps mainly for countries in Europe, South America, and Asia, but I finally made it to Africa.

South Africa is a country located in the southernmost part of the African continent and has a unique structure with three capitals, and there is a strong recognition that the industry cannot develop due to a strong poor image in Africa. It is one of the countries in the world overflowing with gold along with Australia.

The territorial area is the 23rd largest country in the world, with a population of 59.3 million, ranking the 25th in the world. With a GDP of $351.4 billion, it ranks differently from Africa, which has a poor image, ranking 37th in the world.

However, in terms of African standards, it is one of the countries that live well. In recent years, due to an epidemic, credit ratings have been lowered and the economy is in recession.

The relationship with Korea was dispatched to the UN forces during the Korean War, and a memorial to the veterans of the war is located in Pyeongtaek. After introducing the country to this extent, when I talk about the map, the program I used was Illustrator and Photoshop, and the size is A3.

As before, not only one map was created, but three types of maps, color maps, basic maps, and outline maps. Maps can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom.

1. South Africa Map

south africa map

This is the South Africa map created this time. As it is located in the southernmost part of Africa, it spans the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and the topography is uncomplicated and smooth.

The regions are also largely divided, so it didn’t take long to work. Since there are three capitals, a red star icon is used to mark the location.

Two countries can coexist in South Africa, Lesotho and Eswati. Since it can be difficult to distinguish on the map, it is marked in gray.

The name of the region is written in Korean and English, and colors are used to distinguish regions, so it will be good for uploading to a blog or site.

As shown above, even if you upload in a small size, it will look good and it will not break even if you enlarge it when working on additional graphics because it is made large in A3 size.

2. Basic South africa Map

south africa map

The color maps I introduced at the beginning are great to look at, so uploading them to the site or printing them are great, but printing can be a lot of ink and can cause the hassle of removing colors when working with graphics.

So, this is the base map with the added color removed to distinguish regions. Since the color has been removed, the text will be more visible and it will be comfortable to use it while writing after printing.

3. Contour South africa Map

south africa map

The two South Africa map introduced above have colors and text, so they may not be good for graphics users. So, for those who want to create a map with their own information, I created an outline map.

Since all colors and letters have been removed, the working time can be shortened, and since all lines are broken, you can quickly add colors.

In addition to the South Africa map, we have made maps for various countries, so if you need a map, please go to the Maps category and download what you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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