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In the meantime, I made maps of various countries such as Asia and Europe, but I made countries with relatively easy topography. This time, I made a Sweden map located in Northern Europe, which is vertically connected.

Sweden is a country between Finland and Norway and is not a landlocked country. When it comes to Europe, it is known that the world war took place, but Sweden is a country that has not experienced any major wars except for the Viking era.

The climate has four seasons like Korea, and it can be said that the temperature is mild throughout the year. The territory area looks large on the map, but because it is long, it ranks 55th in the world.

It has a population of 10.09 million, which is the world’s 90th largest population, with a GDP representing the economy of $530.8 billion, ranking 24th in the world.

Looking at the economic structure, it is similar to that of Korea, with the manufacturing, service, and high-tech IT industries as major industries. The service industry occupies the largest size, followed by manufacturing.

It is one of the countries with a high economic growth rate among European countries and continues to grow. There are also a lot of iron ore resources, which ranks 10th in the world.

If you know about the country of Sweden and talk about the map, I tried to make it horizontal because I made a horizontal map, but the territory became too small and unnecessary parts appeared on both sides. .

The program I used for my work was an illustrator, and when I added color, I used Photoshop. There is not only one map, but there are three types of basic maps, color maps, and outline maps.

1. Sweden Map

sweden map

This is the Sweden map created this time. As you can see above, if it is made horizontally, it becomes smaller, so it is long enough to be difficult to see. The name of the region is indicated in Korean and English, and reference is made to Wikipedia.

If you search the Sweden map on the Internet, you can see that there are more states. It was made a long time ago, and now Scaraboli, Gothenburg Bohus and Elvesborg have merged with Västra Götaland, and Malmöhus and Christianstad have become Skaneju. Merged.

Since neighboring countries such as Finland, Norway, and Denmark can be complex, the location is not marked with borders and only letters are used. Since regions are classified by color, it will be useful if you use them to provide information about Sweden.

It’s A3 size, so it’s good to print and look good, and it’s also good to add information to a graphic program like Photoshop.

2. Basic Sweden Map

sweden map

The Swedish map type introduced at the beginning is color-coded, so it looks good and is great for attaching to a blog or site. However, when printing, it is very ink-intensive and depending on the print quality, the name of the region may be difficult to see.

That’s why it’s a basic map with white terrain, so it’s easy to add the color you want to the area to provide information because there is no color in the area. And since it’s white, you’ll see the area name better as you can see above.

3. Contour Sweden Map

sweden map

This is the Swedish map type with all colors and text removed, except for the last part that marked the river. It only has outlines, so it will be comfortable to use when creating maps with your own information.

The lines for regional division are seamless, so you can easily add color with a graphic program like Photoshop. I made it mainly for a map that can be made horizontally, but now that I have almost finished making it, I will make countries with difficult terrain in the future.

If you are providing information through maps, we have made maps of many countries so far, so please refer to the map category above and download various maps for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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