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Following the map of Moldova, this time I created a Sudan map, which is located in Africa. Until now, there have been only a few countries in the African region, but there are not many reference materials, but since there are many countries, I will try to make it as much as possible.

Sudan is a country between Chad and Ethiopia, with some regions bordering the Red Sea. With a population of 43.84 million, it is ranked 34th in the world, and its GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which shows the economic situation, is $18.9 billion, ranking 110th in the world.

The GDP per capita in 2018, which shows the actual economic situation, was $808, and if you look at the data from the Bank of Korea in 2019, you can see that it has fallen to $441.

Sudan is a country that has suffered a lot from a long civil war, but with the peace agreement in 2005, South Sudan became independent in 2011, and the civil war in South Sudan ended in 2020, it can be said that it is in a peaceful state fortunately.

However, it can be said that the country still suffers from the destruction of economic facilities due to the civil war and many refugees. There are political disputes over the problem of African countries’ failure to develop their economy, but it can be said that poor facilities are preventing development.

In the case of Sudan, as it flows through the Nile River, agriculture has developed such as cotton, sesame, sugar cane, millet, wheat, and other underground resources such as iron ore, manganese, gold, and copper are produced, but the capital and infrastructure that enable it to grow. The lack of a light can be said to be the reason why production does not make higher profits.

And since there are no industrial facilities, most of the industrial products depend on imports, so inflation can be said to be higher compared to the economic situation. Currently, with the end of the civil war, US sanctions are lifted, and we are seeing hope for economic development, but it can be said that even this is an uneasy situation because the world is difficult due to the contagion.

If the civil war does not reissue and the inflow of foreign capital and economic plans are properly established, it can be said that the country has sufficient potential for development. To this extent, if I learned about the means and talked about the map, the program I used was an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color.

Not only one map was created, but three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps were made so that they can be used for various purposes.

1. Sudan Map

sudan map

This is the appearance of the Sudan map created this time. To confirm the division of Sudan, I searched through Google Maps and Search, but there were some divided Kurdupan and Darfur regions, and some were combined, so I was confused. When I checked the Wikipedia, I could see the division as shown above.

Region names are indicated in Korean and English so that you can know them accurately, and neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, Chad, Libya, Eritrea, and Egypt are marked with letters so that you can know where they are located.

As long as the color is included, it would be okay to print it and then attach it to the wall or attach it to your own site or blog.

Sudan consists of a total of 18 provinces, listed as Khartoum, North Kurdupan, North, Kasala, Blue Nile, North Darpur, South Darpur, South Kurdupan, Al Jazeera, White Nile, Nile, Red Sea, and Al Qadarif. , Sennar, Central Darpur, East Darpur, and West Kurdupan.

2. Basic Sudan Map

sudan map

The color map introduced at the beginning can be said to be the most visited map because it is both geographically divided and looks good, but if it is printed, it takes a lot of ink due to the color, and the ink may be difficult to see depending on the print quality.

So, this is the Sudan map with the colors used to distinguish regions. It’s white, so it’s great to look at while printing and marking, and you’ll find it convenient to add color to specific areas yourself.

Especially, it will be good for those who will use it while taking notes after printing to make information about the country of Sudan.

3. Contour Sudan Map

sudan map

Finally, this is Sudan map with all the must-have text and colors removed from all maps. Since there is only an outline, it will be useful to those who create a Sudan map with their own information using a graphic program such as Photoshop.

Since the work size is A3, it is good to work while expanding with a program such as Photoshop, and since I made it with an illustrator, the lines will not break when printing.

I made three Sudan map, but since there are many other countries in Africa, I will continue to make maps and make all of them.

If you provide country information through maps or graphic works of historical situations, please refer to the map category above and download maps of various countries for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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