How to make InDesign rounded corners

InDesign is a software for publishing, and I have recently been interested in it, so I started studying. So, I’m going to start with the basics, but I’ll organize how to round the corners of InDesign, which is the basis of the design process.

This method can be found in the manual on the official website, and it is a different usage method from the existing graphic program, so those who are new to it will find it. The same is true for me, so I’m going to organize it on my site.

1. InDesign rounded corners


When you create a rectangular object, points are created at each point as shown above. If you move it, you can increase or decrease its size, but if you look to the right you will see a yellow point.

When you hover the mouse over the yellow point, an explanation will appear, but to edit the corner (corner), you are asked to click.


Clicking on a yellow point turns each point into a yellow point, and when you move it, the entire InDesign corner (corner) turns round as shown above.

2. Round only one side


There will be some people who want to round the corners only on one side rather than rounding them entirely. In this case, if you move the yellow point while holding down the Shift key, you can make only one corner round.

3. Corner options


You can do it yourself using the method introduced above, but if you are doing multiple objects, it is better to round them with numbers in order to make them the same. Once you have created an object, select it and go to the object from the top menu and you will see <Corner Options>.


If you look at the corner option, you will be presented with setting the number and shape of each point, and the chain shape in the middle is activated by default, so even if you change one, all are applied together. If you want to round only one side, you can disable it by clicking on the chain-shaped icon.


If you disable the chain icon, increase the number, and then select a shape, you can create a shape with only one rounded corner as shown above.

However, when you open the option for the first time, you cannot see it in real time because the preview is not checked. So please check the preview to see the shape change in real time.

There are three ways to round the corners of InDesign, but even first-time users will be able to do it without difficulty if you see the explanation. Now that this is the program I started studying, I don’t know if I can explain it properly, but I will try to organize what you will learn in the future as easy as possible.

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