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Following the Asia map, this time I made a Moldova map located in Eastern Europe. If you look at Google Maps, you can’t see it well, so I haven’t been making it for a while, but I made it because it’s not a place with difficult terrain.

Moldova is a country between Ukraine and Romania and is close to the Black Sea, but just before World War II, in the process of territorial transfer between Romania and the Soviet Union, it became a landlocked country when an area called Moldova’s maritime exit passed to Ukraine.

The territory of Moldova is not so large that it ranks 137th and has a population of 4.39 million, ranking 130th in the world. The GDP, which shows the economic situation, is $11.9 billion, which is not good compared to European countries, which ranks 133rd in the world.

The per capita GDP, which shows the real economy, is 3,300 dollars, which is a big difference in that Romania, the neighboring country, is 12,483 dollars. In a more realistic comparison, the Philippines has a similar GDP per capita of 3,102 dollars in 2018.

There may be various reasons for this difficult situation, but since leaving the former Soviet Union, the amount of trade has declined and it seems that it has become a difficult situation. When looking at the industrial structure, the primary industry is concentrated on agriculture, and export products such as plant products, foodstuffs, shoes, hats, and machinery are mainly products that cannot make a big profit.

Looking at the countries of import and export, it is difficult to diversify because they import a lot from neighboring countries such as Romania and Ukraine, and exports are mostly in Europe.

There is also an opinion that if it had a port area other than a landlocked country, it would have been a different situation. Next, the military confrontation caused by the Transnistria Republic separated by civil war, which can be seen in the map created below, can also be said to be the cause of the difficult situation.

To this extent, if I know about Moldova and tell me a map, the program I used is an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color. Color map, basic map, and outline map are made into 3 types so that they can be used in various ways.

1. Moldova Map

moldova map

This is a Moldova map created this time. Since it has a long line of topography, the work was done vertically, and the name of the region was written in Korean and English referring to Wikipedia.

Unlike regional divisions seen in other countries, there are areas that are divided into such a degree that it is difficult to distinguish without color. Typical places are Taraklia, Crioleni, and Duversari. When I first made the production, I thought that there were more regions, but I found out that they were divided by looking at Wikipedia.

Separated Transnistria are on the right, so they are marked with one color so that they can be distinguished. The neighboring countries of Romania and Ukraine did not create a border, but only marked with letters.

Since it is a colored map, it is easy to distinguish regions and looks good, so it is a good idea to use it when posting country information on a blog or site.

2. Basic Moldova Map

moldova map

After that, if there is color, it is convenient to distinguish regions, but if you print a large amount, it will take a lot of ink. So, this is a Moldova map, with the colors used to identify regions that I always make.

There are some places where it is difficult to distinguish regions, so it can be inconvenient without color, but it would be good to use when adding color only to a specific region with a graphic program like Photoshop to provide travel information.

And for those of you who print and attach it to the wall, you may not see the text well depending on the print quality, but because it is white, you will see the text well.

3. Contour Moldova Map

moldova map

Finally, this is a Moldova map with only outlines, with all colors and letters removed, except for the Black Sea and Transnistria regions. Contour map is a map type that is easy to use when creating a map with your own information using a graphic program such as Photoshop, and it is the data I also looked for the most when introducing a country in the past.

When adding color to a specific area, it is bordered by a dotted line, and it is difficult to add color, but since all are connected and the lines are all disconnected, it will not be inconvenient to add color.

I also worked as an illustrator, and the size is A3, so even if I enlarge it, the lines won’t break significantly. That’s why it would be better for those who create it for material use on the Internet.

In addition to the Moldova map, we are making maps of various countries, so if you are delivering information through maps, please go to the map category above and download the map of the country you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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