How to set up a keyboard for editing Avid Cut

I recently installed it because I wanted to deal with it, knowing that there is a free version to experience Avid. However, I would like to summarize how to set up the Avid Cut editing keyboard that may be curious to those who are new to knowing the functions.

If you don’t know the keyboard settings, it can be difficult to make quick edits because you have to use inconvenient keys. So, in all programs, it is possible to quickly work by setting the keys that are comfortable for you to know the keyboard settings.

1. Avid cut function

avid cut

I used Premiere Pro, so I thought I could use the functions easily because it has a similar interface, but since it is a different program, I couldn’t find Avid Cut editing in the first place.

So, looking at the manual, the Avid Cut function was named Add Edit, different from what I thought. There are programs that come up with shortcuts when you mouse over them, but Avid did not come up, so I found a way to set up the keyboard.

2. Add function

avid cut

Since not all shortcuts are known, it is better to place frequently used functions on the timeline. To do this, you need to print a list of functions.

To see the list of functions, find Tools> Command Palette from the top menu and enter or press the shortcut Ctrl + 3.

avid cut

When you take out the Command Palette, you can see various functions as shown in the screen above. Drag and drop it on the tool in the timeline to add it. Since there are all the functions, if you use them frequently, you can add them and organize them so that you can use the functions conveniently when editing.

3. Shortcut setting

avid cut

With the Command Palette removed, go to File> Settings from the top menu.

avid cut

If you enter Settings, you will see a screen like the one above, but if you enter User from here, you will be able to see the Keyboard. Since you are using Korean, you can double-click on Keyboard Korean.

avid cut

The keyboard shape appears, and you can recognize the shortcut. If you want to change it, you can change the shortcut by dragging and releasing the function you want to change from the Command Palette.

The keyboard shape is different from other editing programs, so it was convenient and good to know the shortcut keys at a glance. The free version of Avid has limited functionality, but it was nice that you could access a representative editing program.

If you are contemplating an editing program, please download the free version and try it out, and if you like it, consider using it.

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